Nutty Nonsense
By Colin West
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 9781739835590
Children's Genre Age 6+ 60 illustrations
Publication Date 02/01/2022
Price 6.99
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Colin West has dusted down and polished up some of his funniest poems, and added brand new drawings for this collection of Nutty Nonsense. It’s full of amusing characters – step up Norton Norton and his amazing nostrils, accident prone Uncle Harry, and a lighthouse keeper with an enormous family. You’ll also meet fabulous creatures, such as the friendly-looking (but always hungry) Ogglewop, and the fearsome, nocturnal Blunderblat. There’s also the mysterious Wobble-Dee-Woo, a nautical cat named Shivermetimbers, and many more crazy creations. For everyone who enjoys their nonsense nonsensical, their rhymes rhythmical and their pictures picturesque, this is the perfect book for you! All profits from this book are donated to the Children’s Literature Festivals charity England and Wales 1182143

Authors Biography

Colin West was born in 1951 and studied Graphic Design at Wolverhampton Polytechnic, and Illustration at the Royal College of Art, London. Shortly after graduating in 1975, his first book, a collection of nonsense verse was published. Since then he has written over sixty more children’s books, and aims to continue till he runs out of ideas! The Times Educational Supplement wrote: Anarchists unite Colin West’s The Big Book of Nonsense will surely enhance his reputation as one of our most consistently witty children’s poets. This handsome book gathers West’s nonsense verse across two decades. Liberally illustrated in colour by West himself (he produces picture books as well as poetry), this book should be in every teacher’s personal library, on hand should an opportunity for five minutes of off-message, anarchic laughter present itself. TES PRIMARY Oct 2001 Colin lives in Battle, East Sussex, just a stone’s throw from the historic battlefield of 1066. He lists his interests as music, art, old buildings, and most of all, collecting other people’s books.


Here’s what other poets say about Colin West: ‘A nifty practitioner’ – Michael Rosen.
‘Colin West is top of the heap when it comes to nonsense verse’ – Brian Moses.
‘A master wordsmith’ – John Foster.

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  1. I was fortunate to receive a copy of Nutty Nonsense as a gift, and I can honestly say it is hilarious! Colin is a Master at the absurd, and this book doesn’t disappoint! Apart from that, Colin has been in schools for ever, inspiring children to write their own poems and to embrace the spoken and written word. So many of us would be literally over the moon if Colin won, as I cannot think of anyone more deserving!

  2. Colin West has always been such a talented poet and artist. If you’re feeling down, reach for this book. If you’re feeling happy, reach for this book. His rhyming is superb and his imagination is fantastic. ‘Nutty Nonsense’ is a nutty treat!

  3. There is a man called Colin West,
    an artist and a poet,
    with talents he is greatly blest
    and all the world should know it.
    For in his books, I here attest,
    it’s there upon the pages;
    his words and pictures are the best,
    they make you smile for ages …

  4. I would love Colin West to win – You can’t help but smile and chuckle reading his poems and his beautifully drawn characters are hilarious! He is a poetry and illustrator genius and also an incredibly nice person! This book is treasured.

  5. I’ve loved Colin’s work for a long time, Nutty Nonsense perfectly combines the comic drawings and verse, thoroughly enjoyed it!

  6. Colin is a brilliant poet and illustrator who is so supportive of of EVERYONE. A lovely man with a knack of making me, and everyone I know, smile at all his work and often making me laugh out loud. His work is always top quality and he derserves a myriad of prizes.

  7. One of the literary world’s finest talents. Colin’s work always makes me think, and laugh out loud. This book is a shining example of his boundless imagination and razor sharp wit.

  8. I adore this book with all my heart. Colin is a uniquely talented, witty, imaginative artist, author and poet. His work never fails to make me laugh and his free ink drawings so perfectly complement his writing. I’m so thrilled to own this book as part of my collection of favourite artists and authors.

  9. Colin West’s poems and drawings are always an absolute delight. It’s impossible not to smile. I’ve tried many times and failed happily.

  10. Colin rules!

  11. I love Colin’s poems! They are funny and clever, and great to read aloud in school. The illustrations are fantastic.

  12. Wonderful book..Colin is the master!

  13. An example of a true genius at work.

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