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Tam O'Shatner
By D A Watson
Published By

Fleming Publications

ISBN 9780993051449
Fiction Genre Humour
Publication Date 05/10/2018
Price 3.99
Paperback Hyperlink http://www.flemingpublications.com/


It’s closing time at the pub. Swally merchant Tam o’ Shatner’s blown his last fiver on last orders. Taxi fare spurned and a wrathful wife at home, Tam must brave the sub-zero Glesga winter, the wandering ghosts of the Necropolis, and freaky lights in the sky above Mount Vernon Park.

Authors Biography

D.A. Watson spent several years working in bars etc. before going back to university with the plan of becoming a music teacher. Halfway through his degree at Glasgow University he discovered he was better at writing. He later gained his masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Stirling.


Still smiling after reading this. Great wee tale, well told, loads of laughs but lots of insights into Glasgow life as well.

Hilarious, affectionate tale with undead bams and alien abductions thrown in for good measure. A superb resetting of the Burns poem. Great fun all round

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  1. Clever, funny, a must read.

  2. Sensational book!

  3. Hilarious. What a predicament Tam gets himself into with aliens – all because he spent his taxi fare on booze!

  4. This is hilarious – laugh out loud lines, and with a rhythm that would’ve made the Bard weep – it screams to be read aloud !

  5. Comment

  6. L love this! So well written and hilarious!

  7. Greater writer! Deserves wider recognition.

  8. Simply Hilarious!! Great book to read

  9. Extremely hilarious a must read!!!!

  10. very funny and well written!

  11. It’s a brilliant wee tale! Great fun all round

  12. Very enjoyable

  13. Hilarious, and beautifully crafted. A must-read!

  14. very good witty funny good xmas present

  15. Funny! Read it, you’ll not be disappointed.

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