The Secret Garden
By Nigel Cranfield
Published By

Melrose Books

Publication Date 04/01/2016
Price 9.99
Binding Paperback
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with all the small creatures in your garden? Well, Nigel and Juliette found out one day when Dave the Robin started speaking to them! He told them all about his friends and their adventures and how the animals lived together and helped each other out in times of trouble.

Author's Bio

The author was born in Rochford, Essex and currently lives in Leigh On Sea. He left school at 17 and after a brief spell at HM Customs & Excise, has worked in the insurance industry for 26 years. This is his first publication – a departure from his usual interests of listening to The Stranglers and Nick Cave, watching football and cricket or spending time with friends, family and girlfriend, Juliette.


I think Nigel has a promising career as a story teller. I never get bored of this tale and read every night to my kids. John Obi Mike

I loved this book, the characters are totally charming and the stories work on many levels for adults and kids.
Jennie Baker

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  1. Having also been brought up in Bow in East London in the late 1940’s/1950’s and knowing so many of the places described in this book, I found it an excellent title. Captivating and so delightfully written, a real “page-turner indeed”. It is so vital for to-day’s and future generations to have the benefit of knowing about these times and thus to appreciate all that happened. This book is a real contribution to social history.

  2. A delightful book about what the garden creatures get up to when you’re not there to keep an eye on them!

  3. This is my 5 year old daughters favourite book. She keeps asking if there will be a further book about Dave the robin and his friends.

  4. Fabulous children’s book, my boys loved it!

  5. A truly lovely book for children. It tells children about the creatures who live in our gardens, a great book for bedtime reading. I so hope the author will write more about the friends adventures .

  6. This is a charming book, I bought it for all the small children I know, and had a copy for myself.

    Well done Nigel

  7. Beautifully illustrated!

  8. beautiful illustrations, lovely for children

  9. The illustrations are fabulous and are perfect for the childrens story.

  10. Lovely book esp the illustration!!!

  11. A lovely book, esp the illustration.

  12. Super book, my grandchildren wanted me to read it to them over and over again.

  13. Perfectly illustrated

  14. Another Miss Potter amazing illustrations

  15. My daughter absolutely loved this book and said “it was her favourite book ever!”

  16. Lovely book . Read it to my little nieces and enjoyed it myself

  17. I bought this book for my Niece and she loved it.

  18. My Comment above on 1 June above was posted in error and referred to another title.

    My comment for this title is now as follows:

    A thoroughly enjoyable book and so beautifully illustrated – an enticing children’s read

  19. My grandchildren in Australia love the book and I have had to send other copies for their friends.

  20. Absolutely fabulous. Highly recommended.

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