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The Silent Partner


In this intimate arrangement of emotive short stories, Juliet Castle presents provocative thoughts that challenge the reader’s perspective and reveal a deeper understanding of life. Juliet’s stories portray how the mystery of life is attempting to reach you within and encourages the reader to see the forces behind life’s play.

Authors Biography

Juliet Castle has been writing all her life and came to realise that she sees life as a poet does. Juliet􏰄’s recurring exposure to death and immortality influenced her writing of The Silent Partner and Other Stories of Truth. Juliet and her Romeo reside on Vancouver Island, Canada.


This is an absolute must-read amalgam of sometimes quirky, sometimes thought-provoking short stories – Books Monthly

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  1. A tale of woes & woeing..so befitting the ebbs & flows of life…

  2. Enjoyable and a great read.

  3. Intense but yet profound — a great companion to take on holiday.

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