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Understanding BRCA
Subtitle Living with the breast cancer gene
By Clarissa Foster
Published By

Hammersmith Books Limited

ISBN 9781781611203
Non Fiction Genre Health
Publication Date 11/10/2017
Price 14.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/brca-breast-cancer-gene/
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.hammersmithbooks.co.uk/product/brca-breast-cancer-gene/


Everything you will want to know if you find you have the BRCA gene mutation that increases the risk of various types of cancer, to enable you to make a decision about how best to move the odds in your favour.

Author's Bio

Clarissa Foster is a qualified Human Biology teacher at FE level as well as being an ‘expert patient’, researcher and writer, who has herself undergone elective risk-reducing surgery in response to a BRCA gene mutation

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  1. Such a interesting and heart warming book what a hard jorney clrissa has had to deal with then to write about it she needs to win the award

  2. What a amazing lady there is no way she shouldn’t win

  3. Clarissa is a very brave lady and through her experiences has assisted others in healing

  4. The most amazing book on the market!!!!!!!

  5. In this amazing book Clarissa has offered a heartfelt personal account and an incredibly informative scientific explanation of the BRCA journey. Such a book is life changing for those affected by BRCA!

  6. This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone facing the difficult choices Clarissa had to make. I also think that health professionals would benefit from reading what it feels like to experience this from a patient’s point of view. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  7. An easy to digest read that is informative as well as being heartwarming. Definitely a winner no matter what the outcome here

  8. Great book for those who want to learn about BRCA and other mutations.

  9. A wonderful read on a personal level and also really informative about BRCA and the risks that come along work being a mutant.

  10. This book is well researched and invaluable to any person needing info about brca. The book could possibly be life-changing.

  11. Such a selfless act in wanting to help so many other people. Clarissa is a truly incredible lady who so deserves to win this prize.

  12. A BRCA book written by someone who has bared their personal life experience in hope to help others. Faced with hard decision whilst trying to ensure no stone is left unturned in order to make an informed choice about the BRCA surgery. Science explained in a way that is easy to understand. A truely fantastic book that I believe will help so many people understand BRCA.

  13. Amazing book which has been invaluable throughout my diagonisis, Mastectomy and will be used as I continue onto next steps of this journey. Thank you Clarissa for all your hard work and support. Love Always Kate

  14. This is a truly fantastic book and I thoroughly recommend it.

  15. This book undoubtedly contains the most complete analysis of BRCA related medical studies ever collated. Further enriched by Clarissa’s own open, honest and inspirational journey, making this book a must have for anyone affected by BRCA, their family’s and those dealing with BRCA in a professional capacity. This is an amazing, life-altering resource for those who need it. Well done Clarissa!

  16. An amazing and very readable and well researched book. Helped me a lot when I found I have this mutation to understand its implications and make decisions as to how to manage it. Highly recommended.

  17. I’m on the same journey as Clarissa, this book has everything you need, facts, details & honesty

  18. This book is a MUST READ for anyone that is, or thinks they might be, at an increased risk of cancer due to a genetic condition. This book is factual, scientific and easy to understand. Pair this with Clarissa’s own, honest journey and it makes the book easy to read, and very relatable.

    This book really helped when I first had my BRCA+ result and has continued to help as I refer to it throughout my journey. It has helped me to understand everything from the basic principles of genetics, to how I’m feeling personally about the whole diagnosis.
    I honestly couldn’t recommend this book highly enough. Thank you Clarissa for sharing your story and taking the time to produce such a wonderful resource for people facing such a difficult time. You would be be a very noble winner of such a prestigious prize.

  19. Thank you from my heart for this book Clarissa. Informative and empowering for women with BRCA gene mutations this book also is a great support for all facing hard choices.

  20. This book has really helped me through my journey and the hard decisions I’ve had to make. I’m so glad to have read this book.

  21. This book is absolutely fantastic and the only one of its kind. I felt comforted reading knowing that my thoughts and feelings were validated and normal. Clarissa has made my journey an easier one through reading her own experiences.

  22. Very delighted to have known this amazing lady and her loving family! I saw first hand how hard she worked on this book and how she’s inspired and educated women and men about this awful illness! Not only is this book amazing but so is Clarissa!

  23. very powerful encouraging book for patients and their families

  24. As a BRCA2 mutant with breast CA, Clarissa’s book was so helpful in explaining simply and clearly how this mutation effects the risks for cancer. It’s an ongoing and invaluable resource for me.

  25. Clarissa Foster is a really inspirational women!!

  26. Excellent

  27. Amazing!

  28. Excellent

  29. Amazing

  30. learned a lot from the book and very informative

  31. Very informative and inspiring

  32. Informative, amazing book. It is very inspiring for others.

  33. Factual, informative and heartwarming book to read from BRCA1 carrier point of view. Thank you Clarissa for sharing your personal journey.

  34. thank you Clarissa for answers to my questions on your fb group and so much info in your amazing book xx

  35. Brilliant!

  36. This is a very informative book! It helped me with a lot of questions I had and helped my family better understand the journey I was going through.

  37. Wonderful book about a truly amazing woman!

  38. I truly believe that this is the best book on the market re BRCA. There are many books available but many deal with an aspect of living with a BRCA mutation where as this book covers every possible aspect. Easy to read and well documented. I would definitely recommend it.

  39. A very talented lady. Who has used her experiences to help others. Inspiring Clarissa xx

  40. Personally and professionally this book was well though out and delivered in an excellent manner. Well done Clarissa

  41. As an advocate for those with BRCA and hereditary cancer syndromes kudos Clarissa for the time and effort you put into this excellent book! An absolutely wonderful resource.

  42. You’re an inspiration clarissa….x

  43. Best book out there on BRCA gene mutations:) amazing !!!!

  44. Genial!!!

  45. What an amazing book,really helped me focus and understand the Brca2 gene as I have the gene myself,what an amazing woman Clarissa is xxx

  46. Fantastic and inspiring writer.

  47. A much needed book. People need to know about the BRCA gene. Nobody with the brca gene need
    Suppport and knowledges from this book. I was told by someone before my double mastectomy with diagnosiz of BRCA2 gene and stage 0 cancer….”well I could put you in touch with someone who actually has breast cancer.”

  48. Having gone through the trauma of discovering that I carry the BRAC gene and that both of my daughters have it, as well, I am so glad that this book has been written! Thank you, Clarissa, for writing and sharing this much needed information!!

  49. Inspiring book. Thank you Clarissa for sharing your story. It certainly helped me in my journey for information.

  50. If you have the BRAC gene you should read this book.

  51. a great insight into living with a BRCA mutation, decisions faced and consequences of, also uplifting and hopeful

  52. An excellent resource.

  53. An absolute fantastic book,I’m brca2 positive and this book really helped me.

  54. Wonderful book and wonderful woman!! Congratulations!!

  55. I’ve heard of BRCA but didn’t realise how little information there is available. So this book is incredibly important for where we are now in our understanding. Information for BRCA and also the impact on people would be so valuable for anybody affected. Luckily, nobody I know has gone through this yet – but I know where I would turn to.

    I’ve read the first chapter and it’s clear that Clarissa has had to endure so much in her life and is using all of that experience for the good of others. You are amazing and I hope you realise that.

  56. Ordered the book and haven’t been able to put it down since it arrived on Monday. My Mother had a full masectomy at the age of 39. Years later, she had another recurrence with cancer of the ovaries. In 2011, her last bout of cancer, she developed a rare case of medullary thyroid cancer. She survived the surgery. An emergency trip to the OB/GYN prompted me to take the BRACA test in June. On June 13, I found out I carry the BRACA 2 gene mutation for breast cancer. Hoping to find answers to my questions, doubts and fears. This is a lot to absorb and digest. A book like this is helping me cope with my gene mutation and understanding important life decisions that will greatly impact my future health and well being.

  57. I’m more than half way through the book, very well written. I also like how she was so open about her moms battle with ovarian cancer. I hope everyone that is diagnosed with BRCA mutation will read it. Thank you Clarissa!

  58. This is an indispensable guidebook for those with the mutation as well as those curious about where the worlds of modern science and humanity intersect. Thank you for your important contribution to the community, Clarissa.

  59. I bought both the book and downloaded version so that I would never be without this incredible book.

    This book about understanding BRCA is incredibly insightful.

    I have been able to articulate my questions more thoughtfully instead of being in a panic.

    I suggested my to my gynecologist that this book would be a useful tool for any new patient facing these challenging times.

    This book becomes real when the author shares personal stories.

    It has helped me tremendously on my own continued journey.

  60. This is a wonderful, informative book written by a BRCA+ author who answers many question as well as offers honest personal accounts of her own experiences. After searching for this kind of book, I was very fortunate to have found it and will always be grateful to Clarissa Foster to have written it with as much of “her” as is possible. I rare gem for anyone enduring this difficult journey.

  61. I cannot recommend this book enough! It is an amazing resource that effectively sums up everything BRCA in one place. I particularly appreciated how Clarissa Foster shared the emotions she experienced along the way– they mirrored my own and made me feel stronger in knowing that I was not alone in feeling this way. I feel that this book could help friends and family better understand the emotions and tough decisions faced by those that have the BRCA mutation.

  62. Such a wonderful read and incredibly written by an incredible woman! Highly recommend!

  63. Well done!

  64. This is an excellent book, it will be valuable to anyone faced with trying to understand the issues and making the decision, and all the more meaningful being based on experience. I would also recommend the book to anyone in the health care professions who may be involved in advising or supporting people in these situations.

  65. Such an amazing book, I found it so helpful! Thank you Clarissa x

  66. I bought four copies of this book – one for myself, and the other copies for my 3 daughters – two of whom are BRCA1 – all in their early 30’s. Clarissa you deserve an award for this insightful and compassionate account of what it’s like to be diagnosed with this mutation.

  67. A very honest and gripping book. You feel like you take a journey through her experiences and opens your eyes to how difficult a journey like this can be.

  68. This book is amazing and I call it the BRCA bible no one should be without a copy. It’s the only book I have found that’s so full of information and explains everything thought that has occurred in my own mind since discovering I had this gene

  69. This is the Brca bible.. every thing you need to know about Brca is in this book made my learning about Brca so much easier to understand a must have book so well written

  70. As supportive and loving as it is educating and informing – on such a life-saving matter. Xxx

  71. Being diagnosed on last stage in January 2010, I am grateful for all study material on BRCA, after reading Pub. Medic researches on LIGNANS and benefit of lignans how it stop hormone cancer including BRCA genetic mutation 1 and 2 I believe everything is possible, where as I have always been ok and using lignans every day.

  72. During a time when I felt there were few who understood, this book was a wonderful resource!

  73. A great resource for anyone who is BRCA positive and considering their options. Clarissa talks knowledgeably about her individual journey and uses her own extensive research combined with a personal experience to provide a comprehensive and sensitively written overview of the whole subject. A huge achievement which deserves reward.

  74. A resourceful book anyone with any connection with inherited cancer should read, patients, family members, friends, healthcare professionals. It takes special courage to share this experience with the world. I am grateful to Clarissa. Thank you!

  75. Her experience, her journey is now my treasured knowledge. I thank her for sharing and helping multitudes in the process

  76. I’m BRCA1 and having endured breast cancer and chemotherapy prior to finding out I had the gene this book has been a godsend in understanding it all. Clarissa explains everything you need to know and more. She has been on an amazing journey and explains all so clearly. I have now completed my risk reducing surgery and keeping my fingers crossed. Well done Clarissa for achieving so much.

  77. I’m a brca2+ this book did not only help me, but helped other family members understand my journey and reasons behind my choices !!! As im the unlucky kid out of 6 of us. This book is easy to swallow and very informative!!!

  78. This book has helped me so much on my personal journey. Such an incredible woman to give the rest of the BRCA community some knowledge and courage around their choices.

  79. Excellent informative book that really helped me on my BRCA journey.

  80. This is a wonderful, easy to read book. I would highly recommend it.

  81. So well written it is an asset to my family and friends that are impacted on this BRCA journey .Heartfelt thanks for writing it for us .xx

  82. This book is providing me with so much useful information. I knew nothing about BRCA gene mutation prior to reading. Great book

  83. Your personal experience with the BRCA gene mutation encourages me to move forward with a PBM. The knowledge you provide is the indispensable information needed to make the final decision.
    Thank you for sharing your personal story as well as your immense knowledge.

  84. This book has helped me understand so much and I find myself going back to it many times throughout my journey with a BRCA mutation and the surgeries involved. Knowledge is power and I would highly recommend this book and have indeed to many of my family members.

  85. A very informative book it helped me understand and make a decision on the way I delt with my journey with the brca gene would highly recommend

  86. I will be ordering this book. Spoke to clarissa today. What a brave and wonderful lady.

  87. Quite a compelling read, great insights regarding the BRCA genetic mutation.

  88. This information is much needed and will help many, many women navigate the breast cancer landscape!

  89. Clarissa’s book is brilliantly researched and written. She is a wonderful lady and I hope her book gets the recognition it deserves!

  90. Invaluable to a friend

  91. What a book ! I needed to read this at my time of diagnosis. Heart warming, honest and candid – Clarissa covered all info that I was looking for ! Job well done !

  92. Really benefited from this book – it was very well researched and it was a huge benefit to me in making my surgery decisions and moving forward with my life . I’m glad Clarissa was able turn find a silver lining and help others with. BRCA gene .

  93. Supported our amazing friend

  94. So glad to see this topic being researched- it is so needed to be talked about. I cannot recommend this book enough!

  95. Clarissa’s book is a must read for anyone seeking information on BRCA. It’s a fantastic resource

  96. This book has been a godsend. Everything is clearly and comprehensively explained. It’s the most valuable information I’ve read about BRCA. Clarissa dedicates so much time beyond this book supporting others. She’d be such a deserving winner!

  97. As the mum of 2 BRCA1 positive daughters the book has been a fantasting source of information and Clarissa herself is inspiring and courageous as are all.the people who inherit BRCA1/2.

  98. Terrific information. Answers questions I didnʻt know I had.

  99. Thank you Clarissa for writing this book & for helping others. The book was informative, heart warming & honest.

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