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Anna Undreaming


When Anna learns she’s an Undreamer with powers to alter worlds constructed by Dreamers, she must travel through their strange and treacherous creations, her existence spiraling into wonder and danger, to face the horrors of her past and save her old world as well as her new.

Authors Biography

Thomas Welsh is an award winning fantasy and short story author based in Scotland. He was the winner of the Elbow Room fiction prize for ‘And Then I was Floating’ and has also been published in ‘The 404 Ink F Word Collection’ and ‘Leicester Writes’. His fantasy trilogy ‘Metiks Fade’ debuted in March 2018 with book one, ‘Anna Undreaming.’


“Thomas Welsh has woven an engrossing and fascinating world where artists literally change the landscape of reality. This exciting debut will stick with you like a fever dream.”
—Jaye Wells, USA Today bestselling author

“Welsh is not just a great writer, but a smart one. He’s constructed a story that’s full of bravado and color and lights, in Anna’s otherwise bleak world. This is a magnetic tale full of dark adventures, mystery, and our worst demons. With a combination like that, it undoubtedly unfolds brilliantly.”
—Sarah Noffke, Amazon bestselling author of The Reverians series

“…absolutely unputdownable.”
—Martina McAtee, USA Today bestselling author

“…a bold debut by a writer with a compelling and unique voice. Managing to be both lyrical and poignant, Anna is more than a story of dreamers and undreamers…it’s a story of hope and healing, a reminder that even ashes can still carry a spark. This is a dark fantasy for fans of Labyrinth and Holly Black, a story that will seep into your consciousness and keep you dreaming long after you’ve closed the pages.”
—Sherry Ficklin, bestselling author of the Stolen Empire series

“A brilliant piece of writing…a fantasy novel filled with energetic writing that pulls the reader in and doesn’t let them go.”
—Amanda J Evans, Summer Indie award-winning author of Finding Forever

“Highly addictive. What’s not to love about Anna Undreaming? It’s an inspired, atmospheric fantasy, accessible for the genre and is sure to leave fans shouting for more.”
—Louise White, New Apple Award winning author of the Gateway series

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  1. This book had me hooked from the first to last page. The author describes the characters in such a way that they become real and help you get deeper into the story. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

  2. Inspirational. Brilliant!

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