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Ivy and Abe
Subtitle The Epic Love Story You Won't Want To Miss
By Elizabeth Enfield
Published By


ISBN 9780718185015
Fiction Genre Romance
Publication Date 06/28/2018
Price 7.99


Two people. One love story. A million possibilities

Ivy and Abe is a stunning novel about the different paths our lives might follow, and the different people we might become along the way.

Authors Biography

Elizabeth Enfield worked as a journalist and producer for BBC radio before going freelance. Her short stories have been broadcast on Radio 4 and published in magazines including Woman’s Own and the Sunday Express.

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  1. Original, funny, sad and a joy to read.

  2. Thoughtful, original, a book that has a soul…

  3. Immersive and memorable.

  4. A wonderful book full of love and compassion. Thoroughly recommend this book. Thank you.

  5. A very clever idea and beautifully written.

  6. Cleverly structured with a backwards running narrative that complicates and picks up a kind of existential depth as the book reaches its denouement.

  7. A tender, witty and compassionate novel. Highly recommended.

  8. An intricate and cleverly woven idea, beautifully told with an eloquent, humorous, and tender human touch. This novel leaves an indelible mark on one’s soul.

  9. Drama and adventure, grief and desperation, hope and inspiration woven together beautifully.

  10. A funny and profound take on the great unexplored of what might have been

  11. A structure that keeps you guessing. Enjoyable and moving.

  12. A delightful read. Loved this book.

  13. A brilliant mixture of parallel worlds and a host of love stories, both happy and sad

  14. Nothing is certain except that Ivy & Abe is both insightful and a delight to read!

  15. Once I became hooked by the echoing narratives and the way their juxtaposition explored profound questions about the nature of romantic love and our responses to transience, my reading accelerated, until I started to regret the quickly diminishing pages left.

  16. With its clever time-slip parallel universe narrative, and insightful take on the fragility of love this book is funny, tender, and clever. A real page-turner – with lots to think about.

  17. Lizzie is a lovely author

  18. A wonderfully absorbing tale of what if …

  19. Loved it!

  20. Beautifully constructed and subtle narrative(s) that keep you guessing to the end. A lovely novel.

  21. Amazing read, heartwrenchking, thought provoking, totally fell in love with both of them. Read and ‘re read, and have no doubt I shall read again at some point. Thank you for such a wonderful novel

  22. Simply brilliant. If you have not read it yet, please do!

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