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Mithras to Mormon
Subtitle A Religious History of London
By Philippa Bernard
Published By

Mithras to Mormon

Non Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 10/10/2018
Price 25.00
Hardcopy Hyperlink https://shepheard-walwyn.co.uk/product/mithras-to-mormon/


This is the first history of London’s faiths and beliefs. Gradually new forms of worship from beyond these islands came to influence the capital city, creating a vibrant multi-faith community today, with its first woman Bishop, and beautiful buildings for worship in a multitude of different ways.

Author's Bio

Philippa Bernard has lived almost all her life in London. She and her husband had for many years an antiquarian bookshop in Chelsea, a mecca for book collectors across the world. She has written several books on religious themes and a biography of the poet Kathleen Raine.


Foreword by the Bishop of London

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  1. Excellent book and long overdue

  2. Clearly and interestingly written.No jargon and a real feel for her subject

  3. clearly and interestingly written. No jargon and she has a real feel or her subject

  4. Utterly fascinating and very readable book. We learned a great deal.

  5. Beautifully written, fascinating subject matter.

  6. I have started reading this beautifully written book. A compelling guide to fascinating subject matter.

  7. I have read this from cover to cover; couldn’t put it down. It is well researched and covers a lot of ground in an easily read format. It is a most satisfying and enjoyable way to absorb fascinating facts.

  8. This book manages to turn a long and involved history into a story that is interesting and easy to follow.

  9. A good, informative book for anyone of any religious persuasion, plus non-believers.

  10. Philippa is to be congratulated. This book is a tour de force of London’s religious history. Not only is it factual, but the writer takes the reader with her ~ it is as if history is unfolding before one’s very eyes.

  11. An interesting book, concise yet informative, a spiritual journey through time, great to read cover to cover or just to dip in and out of. Philippa has a very pleasant writing style.

  12. A very necessary and fascinating overview of religious life in the capital

  13. The author wields an encyclopaedic knowledge of our city and what makes it so unique. A great read.

  14. A fascinating story beautifully told. A most enjoyable learning experience!

  15. Richly informative in engaging style. Bold simple language allows for little-known items and observations to be slipped in without interrupting the flow of fact and chronology.

  16. An excellent read

  17. Fascinating and opened my eyes to much I did not know.

  18. Very interesting subject and long overdue.
    So clearly written and an excellent read.

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