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Peter and the Dwarf Planets
By Stephen J. Alexander
Published By

Peter and the Dwarf Planets

ISBN 978-1-78830-141-1
Children's Genre 0yrs-5yrs 20 Illustrations
Publication Date 08/30/2018
Price 5.99
Binding Perfect
Paperback Hyperlink https://olympiapublishers.com/books/peter-and-the-dwarf-planets
Ebook Hyperlink http://amzn.eu/d/iJiJb6i


‘They shot past MARS with its big red glow
And Peter smiled with glee
As daddy dodged the asteroids,
The next thing they did see…’
Join Peter and his daddy as they embark on a magical mission into the depths of outer space to explore the little-known dwarf planets.
Brought to life with stunning illustrations, this charming tale will both delight and educate young readers.

Author's Bio

Stephen J. Alexander was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire in 1973. He has been a teacher since 1996 and has had the privilege of working with some very creative and interesting people over the years as a teacher of English in London, Girona, Catalonia and Geneva, Switzerland. He is a frequent visitor to Haute-Savoie in France as this is where his wife is from. Laura Coppolaro is a professional illustrator from Cambridgeshire.


A beautifully illustrated little book that I bought for a present for my friend’s 4 year old son. He really enjoyed the rhyming story, and said he would give it ‘a very good star rating’! Anything that inspires a child’s curiosity about the universe has to be a good thing.
Squawky parrot – Amazon

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  1. Magical. What a great gift to give this Christmas!

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