Share Some Secrets
By Christina Gabbitas
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 9780957255258
Children's Genre 4-7
Publication Date 11/15/2015
Price 6.99
Binding Perfect Bound
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Share Some Secrets is a picture book with audio that encourages children to share their troublesome secrets encouraging them to speak out without fear, by giving praise. The story help children to identify the difference between good and troublesome secrets. A brilliant way to help educate and protect children.

Author's Bio

Christina Gabbitas is a children’s author, poet and voice artist whose publications teach children about the world around them. The Share Some Secrets book has been made into a free online animation resource after Christina worked with students from Sheffield Hallam University.


Karen Childs – Head of Knowledge and Information NSPCC: Source
Helping to provide parents, carers,teachers and everyone with a role in protecting children with advice on how to talk to them about staying safe is something that sits at the very heart of the NSPCC’s mission
Christina’s book, which is available for reference in the NSPCC library, reinforces the essential behaviour that we so encourage children to learn. We wish Christina all the best with this great resource.

David Niven – Chair Bradford Safeguarding Board & Ambassador for the Global Institute of Social Work
Share Some Secrets is an excellent way to help safeguard younger children without worrying then over dramatising the risks. there are too few resources in the wider market. This initiative has to be applauded and maintained.

Angela Wimbush – Deputy Headteacher Wakefield School
Share Some Secrets is an excellent book and I am sure it will help children understand which secrets they should and shouldn’t keep. I love the way you have written it in rhyme too making the message memorable. It is not easy finding good resources to help with safeguarding issues.

Ann Marie Christian – International Child Protection Safeguarding Consultant Source:
The author has a great website with relevant resources to encourage discussion with children. I strongly recommend this book to both schools and families.

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  1. The subject is really good,bringing to the fore problems that children face everyday.Not much is spoken about this has been done in a very sensitive way in this book.

  2. We purchased this book from Christina from WHSmith in Sheffield in 2016 and think it is so very important to ensure our own children are made aware of the subject.

  3. My daughter was encouraged to share her own secret after reading this book and watching the animation, and she actually called Childline. Thank you for making this available. We think this is a true winner irrespective of the outcome from this competition. We will share with as many as possible. Bless You.

  4. We have used this book in our children’s nursery for a few weeks now. The children love the story and is a great, fun and informative way to educate them on this very important subject. Our teachers also find it easy to teach this subject through the book. A must for any Early Years settings in their set of resources.

  5. This is a must for every childcare setting and school. Thank you for caring and hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

  6. Brilliantly written. A must for all children.

  7. Gets the message across without being to scary or complicated for children

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