The Angry Giant
By Nigel Womack
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

Children's Genre 6-8
Publication Date 09/02/2019
Price 8.99
Binding Perfect Bound
Paperback Hyperlink


Paw, a young boy was fascinated by the ancient tale of an Angry Giant living below the ground for a 1000 years. Paw had lost count of how many times he’d put his ear to the floor trying to listen for the Angry Giants movements, his rumbling tummy…his burps!
A wonderful poetic tale with a moral

Author's Bio

Nigel Womack comes from a generation of hairdressers in Blackburn, Lancashire, owning his own salon for twenty years. His creative expression knows no bounds. He is also a writer and poet. His entrepreneurial skills and commitment to following his passion have brought him success and respect.
Nigel is well known in his community for his colourful and extravagant behaviour with appearances on ‘Come Dine With Me’ and ‘May The Best House Win’

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  1. Amazing illustrations and brilliant poetic tale. Good luck

  2. A fantastic book – great too as a gift now that the Christmas period is around the corner.

  3. A fabulous story which must be read by all !!
    Amazing illustrations 😊

  4. Nigel is a most creative guy and his stories always leave the reader hooked and wanting more. He is so much more than just a hairdresser and I’m proud to call him a friend

  5. Good luck Nigel

  6. Fantastic writer

  7. Brilliant book, the type of writing that has been missing for a long time.

  8. Great book , look forward to many more .

  9. Comment I havent read the book yet but i am sure it’s fabulous

  10. Good luck with the Book Nigel, love the illustrations.

  11. Fantastic read

  12. Brilliant Nigel good luck

  13. Nigel,It has been a privilege to follow you on this journey. You have a natural talent and,at last, `The Angry Giant` will allow children and adults into this magical world and be a source of inspiration to future generations.Wonderful!

  14. good luck!

  15. good luck nigel!

  16. amazing!cant wait for the book to come out , well done

  17. such an amazing and inspirational writer, you will go very far nigel!!

  18. well done nigel

  19. fantastic read well done

  20. Very well done Nigel such a amazing author! Carry on I want to read more!!!

  21. Not so flippin bad Nigel, a great start and more to come.

  22. My brother Nigel has shown me his writing for years, and he is very good. But don’t take my word for it, read the book and know it for yourself. PS he did not pay me for this comment.

  23. Any child would be thrilled to have this book. The story is great for grown ups and the illustrations wonderful for children.

  24. Fabulous poem and pictures.

  25. Love the illustrations and rich use of language.

  26. Had a conversation with Nigel about this and was very quickly completely hooked – had a look at the book and its amazing – illustration / story / quality / attention to detail is superb and the whole Angry Giant universe is mesmerising – a sure fire hit – spellbinding for kids and a treat for parents to read with them – I expect many more and I’m going for Sir Ian McKellen as the voice of the Angry Giant in the film version* (To be confirmed !)

  27. My Granddaughter loved this book! brilliant read! fabulous illustrations! and the book came alive! Well Done Nigel.

  28. Loved the book my nephew wanted to read it again and again

  29. Love it

  30. Fabulous book!

  31. Fantastic and with more to come

  32. Just brilliant 😄👍

  33. My eldest grand -daughter loved this book.
    Good luck Nigel and bring on the next book

  34. Ace book

  35. My children love this book

  36. The book is just fabulous ! A sure hit! Cant wait to see it on TV or as a film.Congratulations Nigel.

  37. Good luck Nigel and Ursula
    See you soon x

  38. Nigel is a worthy nominee He has produced a magical story that will engage children in the wonderful world of books He has definitely got my vote
    Good Luck Nigel

  39. Lovelybook, my grandkids loved both the story and pictures

  40. Best of luck, Nigel. Our three granddaughters loved the story and the wonderful illustrations and can’t wait until the next book is ready to be published.

  41. Fantastic story, love the artwork! My mum bought this book and my grandchildren 💖 it.

  42. Fantastic Nigel you are a veey talented amazingly imaginative guy! Well done loved it

  43. Wonderful illustrations Ursula. Well done and good luck!🙏🌟

  44. Brilliant book and suitable for all ages. Thoroughly enjoyeable!

  45. Excellent book well done

  46. A brilliant story which is beautifully illustrated:)))

  47. Fantastic story and certainly grabbed the kid’s attention.

  48. The illustrations are amazing in this book. There is so much detail – I notice something new every time I look through! – Ursula Hurst has such an incredible talent.

  49. Good luck

  50. Fab book

  51. Brilliant illustrations

  52. Well done Nigel amazing read

  53. Fab book written by a great man

  54. Brilliant!

  55. Great book Nigel & Ursula

  56. Fabulous illustrations Ursula

  57. I bought the book for my friends and they love it. They all say the illustrations are fabulous and a great story.

  58. I love the little details in the giant’s beard. Good luck Both of you.

  59. PENG!!!!

  60. Not so flippin’ bad, eh!

  61. Fabulous

  62. Amazing book

  63. Fantastic book with wonderful illustrations. The children from Altham St. James thoroughly enjoyed your visit. Such enthusiasm to inspire our young readers/illustrators. Thank you and good luck!

  64. Great story! Well done Nigel!

  65. Nigel, this was an excellent read for the 3 students with dyslexia I am working with. They now want to produce a play about the story. It has motivated them greatly. They loved the illustrations which accompanied the tale and the pictures captivated them completely.

  66. My son really enjoyed this book – both the story and the illustrations were fantastic.

  67. Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed the book and how lucky were we to receive a visit from you both. Everyone is looking forward to you coming back again soon.

  68. A delightful children’s story, my nieces and nephews love the book

  69. Great story and so well illustrated.

  70. Lovely book

  71. Illustrations are amazing

  72. A fabulous story with lots of rhyme & wonderful vocabulary. We were lucky enough to meet Nigel & Ursula who signed a copy of the story for my daughter. She had it read to her last night as her bedtime story & loved it that much that she wants it again tonight. Good Luck to both of you.

  73. Amazing book

  74. Great book and illustrations,

  75. I like the method that you write. Great website. Lovely understanding over listed here. Wonderful! Great Web page. I will certainly share this specific with all my friends! Thanks for your great blogs! I won’t be able to wait to confirm some those out! I love to write that type articles as if you.

  76. Ciesze sie z jego sukcesow, kazdy jest okupiony potezna praca, sercem i wysilkiem. Na drodze chwaly i slawy zachowaj incognito.

  77. Najtrudniejsza rzecz w zyciu to nauczyc sie, ktore mosty przekraczac, a ktore palic. – David Russell

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