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The Fragrant Concubine
By Melissa Addey
Published By

The Fragrant Concubine

ISBN 978-1910940006
Fiction Genre Historical
Publication Date 08/10/2015
Price 8.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fragrant-Concubine-Melissa-Addey/dp/0993181775
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fragrant-Concubine-Forbidden-City-Book-ebook/dp/B011RWDRI6


China, 1700s. The Emperor conquers a new territory and a woman is sent to the Forbidden City as a concubine. The Emperor falls in love, but is she really who she says she is… and is he in danger? Based on legends that grew up around a real woman.

Authors Biography

Melissa mainly writes historical fiction set in Morocco and China. In 2016 she was the Writer in Residence at the British Library and is currently studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey. She lives in London with her husband and two children.


Reading this novel was a moving and wonderful excursion into a different time. Historical Novel Society

Melissa has the ability to capture her audience and keep them there till the book is over. A Comfy Chair review blog

Fascinating, dangerous story that captured and held my attention throughout. The Historical Novel Review

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  1. Melissa is definitely an author to watch. She has a remarkable take on stories that grip the reader.

  2. Combines an exotic imagination with a well researched background.

  3. combines a vivid imagination with a well researched background.

  4. combines a vivid imagination with a well researched background

  5. A massive page-turner! You just have to know what’s going to happen next…

  6. A very unusual scenario, with characters you really care about. The plot covers quite a few years, and becomes
    more gripping with time. Careful research informs the rich detail. Melissa Addey is certainly a name to watch!

  7. Absolutely loved this book, I’ve read it twice so far! Beautifully described and brilliantly researched, I truly felt that I was there at the Chinese court, surrounded by the gorgeous palaces and observing all the goings on in the lives of the Courtesans .. I could go on and on about this book…loved it!

  8. Vivid descriptions bring you into the culture and era where the exciting drama unfolds Stays with you long after you’ve read it.

  9. I read this some time ago – and the characters and setting still live with me. Really good read.

  10. Loved it. Well written, absorbing and a nice twist on a traditional tale

  11. This book comes alive so much so I can see it being made into a movie. Loved it lots. Great read.

  12. Great reading. You feel like you are right in the story of the old times in China.

  13. A fabulous book

  14. The author researches her historical period and customs and weaves them into fascinating and hypnotic novels with realistic characters. Love her books!

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