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The Scratching Post
By Susan Delaney
Published By

Olympia Publishers

ISBN 978-1-78830-054-4
Fiction Genre Other
Publication Date 07/26/2018
Price 8.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://olympiapublishers.com/books/the-scratching-post
Ebook Hyperlink http://amzn.eu/d/8tC9lFC


Susan Delaney’s The Scratching Post is a funny, poignant, and eye-opening work of fiction. Sally has dedicated much of her life to strengthening a charity whose aim is to care for and protect sick, abandoned and maltreated cats. She faces more obstacles than one might think. Not only from the ignorance of the human beings around her about the needs and proper care of cats, but also from malicious enemies who wish to take over the charity for their own ends, as well as dishonest or unstable employees. What makes the book such a charming story is its being told, in large part, from the perspective of the cats themselves. Creatures who, in this sympathetic and imaginative portrayal, each take on their own distinctive characteristics, habits, and mannerisms. Readers may well fall in love with Comfort, Banjo, Pickles, and the other cats described in the pages of The Scratching Post.

Authors Biography

Susan Delaney has worked with rescue cats since she was ten years old. Breaking away from a large well known organisation, she became the founder of the charity ‘The Scratching Post’, which she founded in 2004. The amount of time Susan spent with the rescue cats inspired this book to be written.


What a wonderful book. It did indeed make me laugh and cry as promised on the cover. I started reading it last Saturday and had to finish it the same day. The fact that it is a true story made it even more special. I believe the cat sanctuary is in Waltham Abbey, but it was lovely to read about the chickens being rescued by Susan from near to where I live in Norfolk – I always wondered what happened to them! I now follow the centre on Facebook and I am in awe of their dedication and devotion to the cats. If you are an animal lover, you will enjoy this book.
T M Southwell – Amazon

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  1. This is an absolutely brilliant book that will send you on the most ecstatic rollercoaster journey. An absolute pleasure to read, and outstanding writer. I have already highly recommended this book to other people who too have said they simply couldn’t put the going down. BRILLIANT!!!

  2. Fantastic read. Sad and funny

  3. Such a lively record of the setting up of this cat charity. Delightful.

  4. Heartbreakingly beautiful book. Great for cat-centric people

  5. I’ve read it it’s brilliant

  6. Wonderful book full of the highs and lows of a cat charity run may I say by good and dedicated people

  7. Great book for s great cat charity,

  8. Loved this book well writen didn’t want to put it down.made me cry but also humorous you really get in to the cats lives

  9. Great book, well worth reading

  10. Great read.

  11. This is def. on my Xmas wish list!:-)

  12. Wonderful. Will make you laugh and cry and sometimes on the same page.

  13. Wonderful read, it takes you to another world

  14. Great read. Very amusing and informative as well as well written. Read it some time ago, and my friends can expect copies for Christmas!

  15. Wonderfully written, you’ll smile, laugh & cry and fall totally in love with the characters.

  16. Great book

  17. Amazing. I was gripped to the book from the start. Wonderfully written.
    Great read

  18. I cannot wait to read it.

  19. Fantastic book. Could not put it down.

  20. So proud of my beautiful wife, a truly talented author with many more stories to tell. Watch this space.

  21. Brilliant Charity.

  22. Fabulous read. Could NOT put this book down. A must for any animal lover!!!

  23. I am not related to Steve Hayes married to Sue – but I can definitely say this I a really heart warming book to read – for young and old.

  24. You do not have to be fond of cats to love this book. Highly recommended!

  25. Brilliant book and wonderful cat rescue centre. They do a great job. Very pleased with the cat we adopted from them two years ago. We support them as much as we can.

  26. Great book to read.

  27. Funny, sad and eye-opening. Very well written and totally absorbing. A must read for anyone.

  28. Real page turner, funny and sad. Written by a lady who really understands cats. Runs a fantastic charity. Here’s hoping for a sequel x

  29. Absolutely loved this book, from beginning to end it didn’t disappoint, I bought 3 copies one for myself and 2 as presents. Looking forward to the next book 😃 x

  30. I have just started reading it and I just can’t put it down, I wanted to read it as we have contributed to the scratching post so I know Susan and am in awe of her devotion in what she does helping abandoned cats

  31. A really heartwarming story about the ups and downs of running a rescue centre by a genuine and dedicated cat lover. I really enjoyed it. Would make a great movie

  32. Everyone should be thankful there are people who do this to save the animals! The sheer determination of these volunteers is wonderful and this book just shows the hardwork they have and continue to put in!

  33. Brilliant Book – Made me laugh and cry…

  34. A wonderful read. A book to make you feel everything, from happiness, joy, sadness and everything in between.
    Reading from a cat perspective is an entirely new experience and one I would love to do again.

  35. Goodyear.

  36. Sad but good

  37. Fantastic read. The author is a genius.

  38. Loved how it was written from the cats’ perspective… Susan has put so much thought in developing their characters… We now know what cats really think about us humans! And yes, tears rolled both from laughter and sadness. If you need a good laugh and a good cry, this book is purrfect!

  39. Lovely to read this well written and factual book. Nostalgic. for me as I too once belonged to the well known cat charity the book refers to. I also left sadly and suddenly but went on to rescue at my home for 15 years and more…… I understand the hurt and heartbreak that rescue brings but also the feelings of relief and pleasure . I follow Scratching Post on Twitter,and try to give when I can. Well done, Susan and the very best of wishes to you and your helpers in everything you do to help these beautiful animals.

  40. A great read.

  41. If you only read one book this year, make it this one. It has everything all in the one book.

  42. Loved this book, it really gets the best of your emotions, from laughing to crying, I’m not an avid reader usually but couldn’t put this book down, can’t wait for the next one.

  43. I loved this book and cried at the end when one of the old cats died. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  44. This book helped inspire me to volunteer. Written from the Cats point of view, it takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. It also give you a deep insight into human nature, highlighting how heroic and how evil people can be. Susan and her Mum are Super heroes and I am privileged to have been able to become a small part of this centre and its amazing team of staff and volunteers.

    This book is truly worthy of the prize and Susan and The Scratching Post Rescue and Re-homing Centre are deserving of the recognition for all they do.

  45. Good book

  46. Good book

  47. Good book

  48. excellent book and one for all catlovers

  49. Fantastic Book! Full of ups and downs, really brings a good focus to charities too, which is so important.

  50. Very funny but so sad at times. A must for cat lovers.

  51. A great read and a must for cat lovers

  52. Great book for cat lovers, humorous, sad and insightful.

  53. Scratching post

  54. The book has been written by a real cat lover

  55. Wonderful book. Such a great story. I really enjoyed it and hope there is s sequel following the lives of the cats in the shelter.

  56. A wonderful book … and I am a cat lover, with adopted shelter cats.

  57. Lovely book. Very easy to read. Excellent for cat lovers.

  58. A fantastic read! Happy and sad together with an underlying message about the gritty truth of animal abandonment and rescue.
    Suitable for all ages- children and adults will all learn something from this book. When I read it, I couldn’t help picturing all the characters as ‘Wallis and Gromet’ type characters- it would make a great movie!

  59. Fantastic book amazing real life insight into the world of cat rescue. So tenderly written from the cats view, witty, funny, sad, educational. A must read for everyone

  60. Definitely the most interesting book I have read in a long time.Very well written .Funny and sad at the same time

  61. Fantastic book from 1st page to last. Well done

  62. An excellent read

  63. A great read for all cat lovers

  64. Just wonderful. A cat lovers bible

  65. Congratulations to my awesome Cousin Susan for her dedication to saving any animal in need. See you soon cuz

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