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Just Gill
Subtitle The Story of Gill Dalley, co-founder of Soi Dog Foundation
By John Dalley
Published By

Victorina Press

ISBN 978-1-8380360-1-0
Fiction Genre Biography, Other
Publication Date 06/21/2020
Price 12.00
Paperback Hyperlink https://shop.soidog.org/collections/all/products/new-just-gill-book


When John and Gill Dalley travelled from their home in Britain on a dream holiday to a popular holiday resort in Thailand, little did they realise that they would become involved in the tragic tale of a street dog called Naga.

Authors Biography

John is a founding member of the registered charity and non-profit organisation Soi Dog Foundation together with his late wife Gill, with the aim of helping stray and abused dogs and cats in Thailand. John assisted the government in the drafting of Thailand’s first animal welfare bill.

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  1. A totally inspirational woman who led an extraordinary life, a comfortable read , couldn’t put it down.

  2. Gill Dalley and her husband John Dalley ..could have had a much more easier retirement in
    Thailand…but dedicated their lives looking after the desperate plight of the street dog and cats of Thailand…and reading about Gill and the tragic story of how she died..touches the heart of every animal lover..amazing human beings…

  3. I am inspired every day by this woman…by both Gill and John, their selfless commitment to helping the dogs of Thailand touches my heart constantly. An incredible story about an incredible couple. Gill Daley, ….gone but not forgotten. X

  4. Very inspiring book,Gill and John lovely couple,Gill will never be forgotten

  5. Gill & John Dalley are my Heroes . Such a wonderful Book I will pass to my Grandchildren . They gave up everything to save The abused Dogs & Cats of Thailand . Truly inspirational . Gills Legacy will live on forever 🐾🐾

  6. True legends that deserve to be recognised for all their amazing work … this book is truly amazing 👏

  7. Wonderful book about an angel for animals.

  8. Simply AMAZING !!

  9. This book made me realise how lucky I was when I was younger and how different life is for different people. But what stands out more than anything is the courage and bravery of Gill. From a baby to the woman who never gave up. Her past did not haunt her present instead she braced every opportunity and made life bearable for thousands of Thai Dogs and cats. Makes you want to be a better person for just knowing her. A true legend.

  10. Have purchased, but haven’t read it yet.

  11. Truly inspiring book that leaves you feeling motivated to do something positive and worthwhile with your life just like Gill . Every animal deserves a Gill by their side .

  12. Inspiring story of extraordinary lady.

  13. What an truly amazing book about an inspirational, selfless lady

  14. Just Gill was a brilliant and moving book from the first to the last page.
    It certainly prompted me to re evaluate life as to what really matters in this heartless cruel society we live in. Gill was a selfless compassionate and caring person who rose above adversity throughout most of her life. SOI dog foundation co founded by Gill and her husband John have built up the most amazing dog and cat rescue sanctuary on Phuket in Thailand. They worked tirelessly to save these beautiful street dogs and cats from human cruelty and battled to stop the appalling dog and cat meat trade in Asia. Sadly Gill lost her life but John carries on Gills amazing legacy.

  15. You never know the true story of quiet unassuming hero’s like Gill & John unless you have the chance to do so through a wonderful book like this.
    Two people who inspire so many through their total dedication to the cause, being able to share their story like this is a privilege indeed.
    Beautiful book about overcoming massive challenges and facing tragedy with pride and dignity because at the end of the day it has always been about the animals.

  16. John and Gill Dalley have changed the face of animal welfare in Thailand and beyond. They are true heroes!

  17. Gill & John Dalley have done more for dogs and cats in Thailand and other Asian countries than you would believe possible.
    Treating thousands of injured and mistreated animals, spaying and neutering thousands more, I believe the total of animals they have helped is heading towards 500,000.
    What could have been a relaxing retirement, became a quest to improve the lives of dogs and cats in an area of the world where their lives are cheap and disposable.
    This book gives you a glimpse into their lives, caring for those who others don’t even acknowledge.

  18. And now her husband John is getting an MBE! Gill and John are truly inspirational. A wonderful book, sharing Gill’s life; her love for the animals shines through.

  19. Inspiration ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Gill deserves this for a truly amazing book and everything they do to saving the animals in Thailand sadly Gill passed away but her legacy lives on with John and all the workers so inspiring…. 🐕🐕🐕🐈🐈 💕💕

  21. Such a courageous and selfless lady, who has created a better world for these helpless animals.
    An amazing story.

  22. Brings home just how much any single one of us can do to make a difference – but Gill and John actually did it, and this book let’s us see that. Its inspirational.

  23. 👍👍👍👍👍

  24. I often cried reading this book. It is such a moving story. But apart from the tears I also felt immensely grateful to Gill and John Dalley for saving so many dogs and cats. To know the warts and all of both but mainly their love and compassion for those animals is so humbling. Congratulations to John Dalley and Donna Freelove on writing this biography. I will never forget this book. It is also nice to see so many colour photographs.

  25. Gill was amazing as is John her husband. Such dedication and compassion. Love them both, wonderful human beings Who deserve the worldxxx

  26. Gill’s book is one you’ll zip through. What she wrote came from the heart. You are gripped and led through her action-packed life from Phuket to England and back again, as her story unfolds with John. What a duo! Their success in animal rescue is remarkable, and now Soi Dog has worldwide support from volunteers and donors, as John continues the work after her untimely passing. This is an inspirational book for anyone’s bookcase and an unforgettable read. 🐾

  27. An amazing lady who gave her life to animal welfare. Her legacy and spirit live on.

  28. Makes one appreciate life so much more after reading this great book.

  29. Such an amazing, caring, courageous and inspiring couple. Their compassion for animals in need of love and care is extraordinary. What they have achieved is incredible. I couldn’t put the book down. A story of true love, kindness, compassion, perseverance, challenges, heartache and grief. They are two truly extraordinary people who have both achieved so much good for animal welfare. Truly inspirational.

  30. Inspirational!

  31. A truly amazing women , she is my inspiration, a heart of gold, passionate and determined to make it a better world for dogs and cats .
    Truly privileged to have meet Gill and John,

  32. A book you know you will love!

  33. Een heel bijzondere vrouw. .heel veel liefde. Voor de dieren.

  34. Such a wonderful life, such an inspiring woman …couldn’t put this book down until I finished. My son works at Soi so was wonderful to read how it all started .. I am in awe of everyone who worked and continues to work for the good of the animals in Thailand and beyond. A worthy contender that you should definitely read.

  35. Having been lucky enough to volunteer at Soi dogs several times, sadly after Gill had passed away, this book was a must read to find out who had helped to start such a magical place.
    Gill not only made a huge difference to the dogs of Thailand, she was also an incredible humanitarian and a true unsung hero.
    Even if dogs ‘aren’t your thing’ what she managed to do is nothing short of remarkable and for that, her story should be shared.

  36. I couldn’t put this book down. Gill and John have made such an amazing difference to the lives of so many dogs and cats in Thailand.

  37. Hill & John Daley have devoted their lives to saving innocent cats & dogs in Thailand. They are my heroes. Their story needs to be told to the world

  38. Such a heartwarming story

  39. Truly inspiring book

  40. Written by Gill Dalley’s husband Mr John Dally and close friend Donna it is very inspirational to read in the knowledge that those closest to her were able to share her life. A very brave thing to do with beautiful results. Gill the legend lives on in our hearts through this book,

  41. Thank you pertaining to spreading this excellent written content on your website. I discovered it on the search engines. I may check back again if you publish extra aricles.

  42. A more amazing woman you will not find.
    To read this book is to learn of an
    awe-inspiring couple who gave up their lives for the welfare of dogs (& cats). The ends they will go to to save these gorgeous creatures. Gill is a real angel in heaven. The love between these two is so evident and beautifully captured through the last chapters🙏

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  44. The inspirational story of reality.

  45. Truly inspirational and so dedicated. And the reason that I have my own beloved Soi Dog Rescue sitting beside me now. A true gem with my foster cats and special needs child. Would not have been possible to have the love of this amazing B4 canine without John and Gill rescuing her. Thank you, fellow Yorkshire kin.

  46. I read this in one day, really inspirational, what a lady, what a life, what a legacy. Couldn’t put it down.

  47. Does anyone know if the book is translated in other languages?

  48. The book Just Gill was a very inspirational read. Gill was a fantastic loving woman and cared so much for all her animals in her care, this came across so very much and showed how she was such a hard working woman. Not only was she a caring person to the animals she also cared and loved all the people in the organisation. A truly amazing read and well worth the money. John must be so proud of Gill and so he should be. Gill also will be very proud of the continuing work Soi Dog foundation is doing. I have recommended this book to lots of friends/people and will continue to do so. Fantastic read.

  49. Truly inspirational! Fiercely selfless and loving woman!

  50. What a wonderful read. An amazing inspirational lady who was lost to the world far to soon.
    The love and care she gave to the animals was outstanding and her legacy lives on.

  51. Gill was an extraordinary human.

  52. A beautiful, heartwarming, inspirational story. It proves that determination and commitment can change the world. In this case, rescuing and saving thousands of dog and cat lives. Plus love of animals!

  53. Totally inspirational lady and center. Would love to visit one day. I donate and purchase from the shop. This book is going to keep on giving.

  54. I was so happy when received this book full of love, hope, care and exiting true stories! I was crying reading this great book! Wanted to make a big long hug to Gill and all her team, especially Donn. I am admired of Gill, her husband and all Soidog personal! I 💘 you guys! Thank you for this book and your great job! I am proud to be your support ❤

  55. John and Donna did Gill so proud. I cried and then cried again with laughter at times and then sadness of what this unique legend endured. RIP Gill. I miss you.

  56. Amazing inspiration to all we need more just like Gill John and all others involved including my freind Donna Freelove what a beautiful world we would live in if everyone could be like them with animals… such a beautiful written book full of sadness and happiness of a strong determined woman RIP Gill

  57. excellent book,simply told ,made me laugh,cry,,I couldn’t put it down,inspirational,

  58. We were fortunate enough to meet Gill and John Dalley, when we visited the Soi Dog Foundation, one day in March in 2015. To say they were an inspirational couple barely touches the surface! Both such wonderful people, whose dedication and passion, to improve the lives of street dogs in Thailand, was totally tangible! Countless precious lives saved and transformed by the incredible Soi Dog Foundation, it’s brilliant staff, amazing volunteers and devoted supporters.

  59. Linda and I were honoured to have met Gill many times while visiting the shelter and in the UK. John and Donna have done a wonderful job of telling her story. She would be proud indeed. RIP Gill Dalley you were one in a million.

  60. Inspirational lady!!

  61. I read just jill what a wonderful book to read. dedicated to are beautiful animals. just so sad to lose one beautiful lady. Keep up the good work in soidogs and carry on saving rescuing them poor beautiful animals well done Jill rip. Xxxx Donna freelove your one in a million we all love you xxx

  62. Gill was fiercely brave in the face of adversary and motivated purely by love. This book is a perfect depiction of and tribute to Gills life, and Donna and John have done an incredible job at not only highlighting what Gill achieved in her life, but also revealing what an incredibly warm and kind person Gill was behind closed doors. Upon finishing reading, the lasting impression on me was that at every level, Gill; Soi; and this book were all born from love.
    I highly recommend that this book receives the merit that it deserves, and further that the Soi Dog Foundation moves one step forwards in raising greater awareness of and eventually ending the suffering that Gill fought so passionately and selflessly to alleviate.

  63. Having been blessed to have known Gill for many years and met her dear husband John and Donna, I just had to read Just Gill in a day.
    You guys nailed it and I applaud you both for the frankness in your writing. She would not have wanted it any other way.

  64. Inspiring from beginning to end! A MUST READ!

  65. A MUST READ! Inspiring from beginning to end!

  66. Such a touching and inspiring book about an extremely fantastic and wonderful woman

  67. Such an inspirational story about a woman who has been a beautiful beacon of light

  68. Fantastic read. This is someone who truly made a a positive difference in the world.

  69. Fantastic read. Someone who truly made a positive difference in the world.

  70. The great Gill and how start to safe many angels and give them the life they deserve.
    So inspirational!! Thank you for the Hope

  71. Wonderful book👍❤

  72. Such a great read. Lovely, inspirational lady. If only everybody was like Gill ❤

  73. Best book ever!

  74. A truely Wonderful Woman! A Beacon of Light in a sometimes dark world!! Such a brilliant Story with so many happy endings too! What a Legacy of Love & Hope Gill left to us to treasure!🐾💖🐾💙🐾💞

  75. Simply amazing! So many inspirational emotions surrounding Gill 🐾 ❤️ 🐾

  76. Definitely a keeper, I may share it with a few.

  77. Inspirational and emotional. Loved it!

  78. She was an inspiration… all should be as kind and caring as Gil was.

  79. This beautiful book is an inspirational, heartwarming and emotional read.

    Gill created a legacy for a cause that is so important and opened so many eyes to the plight of these dear cats and dogs.

    If you love animals and the compassion that goes hand in hand with their well-being and rescue, you will gain so much from this read.

  80. Amazing couple, amazing Gill. First became aware of Soi Dog Foundation when I went to live in Phuket Thailand in 2009 for a while having spent a couple of years in Crete, another country =with a big stray dog and aill treated dog problem. The work they were doing then was amazing yet John found time to talk to me when I asked for advice about my cat Raffles who was travelling with me. Inspirational then but have watched and supported their work since, Beautifully written book about a trully amazing lady.No hesitationn about voting for this book

  81. The unwavering Jill Dally! Along with John she displayed immense courage and compassion for the suffering of dogs and cats in Thailand, despite her own suffering. Her and John created one of the most positive educational movement and treatment centres, for the ending of pain of so many innocent, dear animals, in a culture that has discarded, tortured and killed them. With John, she showed that animals feel pain, terror, hunger and thirst; just as any human does. Jill knew that if we cannot love our animals, how could we ever love each other. I admire her and John for their exhaustive work of kindness for the dogs and cats of Thailand. Jill deserves recognition and to be put forward as one beautiful human being, that has made such a significant impact for good!

  82. I knew a bit of Gill and John’s story through visiting the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket a couple of times and also being a supporter. The work they do is truly phenomenal. Reading this book though led to even deeper admiration for the both of them. I loved that it was written in the first person. It completely captured Gill’s humbleness even though we know she was an extraordinary human being. Despite setbacks that would have defeated most of us, Gill continued on her chosen path with love, compassion, dedication, grit and determination. I am in totally in awe of her.

  83. Having met Gill before she passed away, while doing a volunteer stint at the Soi Dog Foundation, and having met John many times after that, both my partner Warren and I loved reading this book and finding out more about their lives! We have the utmost admiration for them both, having created such a beautiful sanctuary for those dogs and cats who needed a helping hand to survive. This book was beautifully written and captured the true spirit of their commitment and dedication!

  84. This book is an absolute “must read” What a story, what a woman, truly inspirational.

  85. This is a “must read” What a story, what a woman, truly inspirational.

  86. Truly inspiring. Hope when i retire i can also put up a shelter for the stray dogs and cats.

  87. Truly inspirational.

  88. I just recently found out about this book. Still trying to purchase the book. Once I purchase it, I will enter my review.

  89. Truly amazing Book, shows how much can be achieved with determination and love.
    Gill and John have changed the world of animal rescuing for the greater good, educating children and people, rehabilitating cats and dogs with the sickest and most horrendous ailments and rehoming far and wide.
    Gills book has portrayed a True Angel

  90. A very lovely heartfelt true story of what one person can achieve to help animals

  91. This is a tribute to the wonderful founder of the superb charity doing such fantastic work for the abused and neglected dogs and cats in Thailand.

  92. An inspiring read, very comforting to know that what Gill started is still changing the lives for the many abandoned animals, never a dull moment in this story.

  93. The world needs more Gills.
    She’s saved and changed 1,000’s of lives.

  94. A wonderful heart warming sometimes tears book from a compassionate dedicated and true animal lover. Thank you gill for the legacy you have left.

  95. Totally jaw dropping awe inspiring, moving, loving, sad and world changing story.

  96. Where in Australia can i purchase the book. Realy looking forward to reading this book.

  97. They are true heroes. My admiration for them and what they have done for animals is boundless.

  98. Very inspiring couple. As a fellow Yorkshire woman I felt like I knew Gill. I found out about SDF after adopting one of their dogs here in California and will continue to support their fantastic work as much as I can. Thank you for all you do.

  99. Gill and John have saved so many beautiful Dogs and Cats from terrible lives and unbearable suffering.They have given them a second chance at living their best life and have fought every day to save as many as they can, and will continue to fight to be a voice for the innocent who cannot speak for themselves. Their legacy will live on.

  100. I enjoyed this book so much. Very inspiring. What a truly selfless woman and what a difference she made to the dogs and cats in Thailand. Along with her husband they have achieved so much and I admire them so much.

  101. This is such an inspirational book. Despite the huge number of setbacks, John and Gill achieved the impossible in a country with so many animals in dire need. This book deserves to be recognized for the remarkable journey John and Gill made and to the lives they saved in the process.

  102. A lovely read, a

  103. I vote

  104. I am a lover of animals and I have two dog’s rescue.I am ordering your book to help your foundation.and my preyars are with yours.God bless your work and self.
    I would like to know more about helping out.
    Love and preyars. Maria

  105. The most inspirational person in the whole world and she has helped so many animals and has left such a massive imprint in my heart. This book deserves everything and more.

  106. So inspiring. Loved it. A must read for all animal lovers.

  107. The story of a real life angel, a saint to dogs.

  108. Story of someone who so much love and dedicated her life saving poor fur babies! Very heartwarming

  109. Gill one in a million as her husband is also , great people great inspiration will always be remembered for her selflessness and compassion for the neglected abandoned and unloved animals in this indifferent uncaring world. R. I . P. Gill x

  110. Great book to read. Great people doing a fantastic job looking after the dogs and other animals in Thailand.

    Thank you kindly.


  111. Great book, wonderful cause.

  112. Inspirational woman. A great read.

  113. Beautiful read . Inspiring about a true hero

  114. Brilliant book – Gill was a true hero

  115. Beautifully written, heartwarming page-turner, just couldn’t put it down. Reading this amazing life story about a unique lady only served to cement my support of Soi Dog Foundation forever. Gill committed her life to this cause and the Foundation deserves our full support in return. A truly inspirational lady! Be prepared to shed many a tear.

  116. When I first became involved with SDF I met Gill and John. I learned about the sacrifices that had been made and the could see the incredible results. I also learned about Gills enormous sacrifices and was very humbled. Every time I visit, I am in awe, impressed and very appreciative of what they have done and continue to do.

  117. What an inspiration Gill was. Thank God John took over and hasn’t missed a beat. Thank you so very very much Soi Dog Foundation for all you do.

  118. We need more Gill’s in the world 🌎❤️

  119. Keep Gill Dalley in memory

  120. Gill Dalley, co-founder of Soi Dog Foundation. Gill’s life inspires me, as does John Dalley’s carrying on their work for animal welfare. What a determined woman she was! And what a team she and John were, in their determination to help animals, Their devotion to animal welfare make me aware of the need for humans to care for all animal life. NOT that I didn’t care already… but I was NOT aware of the great suffering so many animals endure in OUR world. It’s heartbreaking! We can go beyond these sad feelings by actively supporting animal help across the world, and supporting causes such as SOIDOG. Let’s join together and support Soi Dog, it’s an important move forward. Please join and help.

  121. Story of a hero and her hero husband who gave up their lives in Britain to save abused dogs and cats in Thailand , I love this book and I love Gill Dalley and John Dalley for saving the dogs and cats

  122. Just Gill left me feeling an overwhelming sense of admiration for Gill and John and the incredible work they do, and, of course, deep sadness for the loss of Gill. It is a real eye-opener, drawing attention to the immense suffering of the stray dogs and cats in Thailand (and elsewhere), and to the horror of the dog meat trade. Thank you to Gill and John for their dedication and perseverance. Thank you Gill for sharing your story with us.

  123. Simply brilliant!

  124. Such devotion to this cause and courage to cope with the sorrows

  125. Absolutely loved this book. I didn’t want it to end. So happy so sad, it had everything. Some people are born to be something special that’s for sure.

  126. Thank you Gill and John for your dedication to helping the suffering cats and dogs, you are just amazing.

  127. ❤️

  128. An absolute inspiration! Gill the not-so-ordinary woman who set about to accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task. This is a wonderful read and demonstrates to us how the situation came to be so dire and also shows how we can help slow this vicious cycle in the world wherever we are. John and Gill Dalley are extraordinary humans that restores my faith every single time I pick up this book or look at what they have done, and continued to do, for the unfortunate animals they have dedicated their lives to. This is one of my favourite books of all times and I will be gifting this book for the rest of my life. As a side note, I really appreciate the quality of paper and binding used making it durable and nice to read from!

  129. Love your work👏😘👏😘 Thank you for protecting the dogs in Asia and all your loving work to end the horrible cruel dog meat trade. I am forever grateful 🙏🙏❤️

  130. Love your work👏😘👏😘 Thank you for protecting the dogs in Asia and all your loving work to end the horrible cruel dog meat trade. I am forever grateful 🙏🙏❤️

  131. ❤️😘🙏

  132. One amazing woman who touched my heart with her passion, determination and such hard work and compassion and always will. Thanks always Gill and John.

  133. This is one of the most inspirational human who has ever lived. I am so grateful Gill’s story has been written so we can all learn and be inspired by her.

  134. More power to Soi dog. It was indeed a good advocacy. God bless to all volunteers and to the founder and most to the people who supports this kind of foundation.

  135. Two people who have provided life giving support to the formerly unloved and unwanted. If that weren’t enough they have inspired many others along the way to take up the cause of animal welfare. Two lives truly well lived.

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  137. Thank you, you are all angels. Such dedication will not go unrewarded.

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