Nature Cures:
Subtitle Recovery from Injury, Surgery and Infection
By Nat H Hawes
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Hammersmith Books Limited

Fiction Genre Health, Self-Help/How-To
Publication Date 09/01/2020
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‘Let food be your medicine…’ Books in The Nature Cures series expand on popular topics in the encyclopaedic, 1300-page Nature Cures: The A to Z of Ailments and Natural Foods, including specific foods and food groups, health problems, ailments and symptoms.

This latest title from the Nature Cures stable provides a comprehensive guide to the foods richest in the nutrients required for healing and boosting the immune system. At some time during their lifetime, everyone suffers an injury or infection of some kind and many are not aware that there are numerous natural foods that can help the body improve its defences, attack its enemies more effectively and heal faster. Some of these should be consumed internally and some should be used externally, and there are some that can be used in both ways – Recovery from Injury, Surgery and Infection, backed up by historic and current research findings, explains the properties of these foods, what is most effective in specific situations (including STDs – the most visited section of the website), and how best to consume them.

Authors Biography

Nat H Hawes SNHS Dip (Advanced Nutrition and Sports Nutrition) has been researching the relationship between food, nutritional science and health since 2003. Originally prompted
to do so by her father’s and friends’ health problems, her research rapidly broadened to embrace all aspects of nutritional health and she launched the website in 2010 to share this knowledge. Since that time – and at the time of going to press – the site has received over 4.5 million visitors from all over the world and acts as a barometer of health concerns internationally.


Contents: The lymphatic system; Antibiotics, prebiotics and probiotics; How to prepare medicinal plants; How to make home remedies; The A to Z of 240 antimicrobial and healing plants, Powerful herbal combinations; Acidity and infection; The A to Z of 50 nutrients to aid recovery; The A to Z of 24 minerals required for recovery; Dietary essentials during wound healing

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