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The Virus Poems
By Michael Bourton
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 9781916254282
Fiction Genre Poetry
Publication Date 07/11/2020
Price 12.99
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Virus-Poems-Mike-Bourton/dp/1916254284/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=the+virus+poems&qid=1594629106&s=books&sr=1-2


The Covid-19 virus outbreak of 2020 will forever be a pivotal part of human history. The impact was global and affected everyone on the planet. Here, in the UK, we managed the coronavirus in similar ways to other countries but also with a degree of Britishness that has defined us for centuries. Not that it was all good and it raised many issues about our culture and values.
Many have been affected by the virus and many thousands died. The impact on the nation, on families and our very own NHS was palpable and at times, almost too much to bear.
When you read just one poem it might touch you or amuse you. It is when you consider every subject that, without knowing, this has become a walk through our time in ‘Lockdown’ as this period will be forever known.
We have included alongside every poem an extract of the news headlines of the day to help you put the poems into some context.

Authors Biography

Mike Bourton starting writing poetry in his late forties, in direct contrast with his life as an air traffic controller in the Royal Air Force and then running a business consultancy across the world. But his passion for poetry continued, comments on his life and the people and animals that share it with him.
Each poem is accompanied by his own illustrations or photographs, usually involving Bruce the Dalmation, together with the news headlines of the day.
Mike and Bruce are also radio presenters on the local radio station, Marlow FM, running a popular Saturday Breakfast request show.


Amazon Review:
What a lovely memento of such a challenging time for us all.
I love the way there is a mixture of humerous and emotional poems. The book captures a moment of history with the diary of the day’s headlines, a brilliant idea.
It makes poetry a pleasure for everyone, and as for Bruce, well he is the cherry on the cake.

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  1. Love this book. Really cheered me up on those down days 👇

  2. I think it hit the nail on the head at the time, making nice humour in what was quite a dark time.

  3. Love love love all of Mike and Bruce’s poems. So witty and so perfect! Thank you

  4. Brilliant book and immensely cheerful during these awful Covid times.

  5. Simply wonderful!

  6. Brilliant poems with great drawings of Bruce, who I love. Kept me sane during this pandemic and brought a smile to every day.

  7. A !little bit of brightness every day amid the room of Covid just what we needed.

  8. Brilliant book, have read it more than once 👍👍👍

  9. A little well considered light relief for unusual times.

  10. Funny, witty poems and sometimes a bit sad but great company over the last few months. Together with the lovely drawings of Bruce they make a delightful book.

  11. Michael has kept a whole community going during this unprecedented time with his poems. Now they are in print? Even better as more people can share in the joy of reading his work. Funny, touching and real. Amazing book with beautiful drawings to boot – Bruce is ‘p’awesome.

  12. In lock down? Make sure you read this great book!

  13. Beautifully written poems summing up the different stages of the pandemic. I’m looking forward to reading them when this nightmare is all over to remind myself of 2020/21. From a historical point of view they capture the heart of nation.

  14. Really caught the mood of the first lockdown and is a lasting symbol of that strange but unifying time. Thank you Michael.

  15. I love this book. I even bought copies and sent them to friends and family.

  16. He has a written from the heart and lifted many. The balance of sensitivity and humour is superb. A talented and writer a great artist too!

  17. Fabulous uplifting book. Great poems very apt of the time. Always brings a smile to my face

  18. Reflective, funny, topical. Uplifting and beautiful sketches of faiththful friend Bruce. A joy to read.

  19. Absolutely fabulous!! Poems that have touched everybody’s heart one way or another… ❤️ Kept us going from the first pandemic with our casual poet… Thank you Mike 🌹🌹

  20. Simply brilliant and uplifting during these difficult Covid times.

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