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I am Me
By Sue Hampton, People Not Borders, Paula Watkins
Published By

TSL Publications

ISBN 9781786080523
Children's Genre 3-6 yrs; 17 illustrations
Price 10.00
Paperback Hyperlink http://tslbooks.uk/product/i-am-me/
Ebook Hyperlink http://www.lulu.com/shop/sue-hampton-and-people-not-borders-and-paula-watkins/i-am-me/ebook/product-23433941.html
Audio Hyperlink http://tslbooks.uk/product/i-am-me-people-not-borders-sue-hampton-paula-watins-audio


In simple, sensitive verse, ‘I am me’ explores the experience of a young refugee child leaving a war zone and arriving in the UK – the fears, the confusion, and the hope and joys of beginning a new life.

Author's Bio

Sue Hampton is an ex-teacher and now the author of more than 30 titles for children, teens and adults across genres. She is a Trustee for People not Borders, a group of volunteers supporting refugees, and an Ambassador for Alopecia UK.


“A great book which brings you closer to the real experience of refugee children”
Mark Meatcher (Amazon)

In the delightful verse that it is written in, it gave me something quite profound to think about and at least two out loud laughs.
Christina Billington (All Saints newsletter)

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  1. The poem and the pictures blend so well together. The book provides a story of hope and a love of everyday joys. I have given it to all my Godchildren who loved it.

  2. A thoughtful and touching book which shows the humanity of a group of people so often demonized. Beautifully illustrated, it tells an important story that is ongoing and rarely heard of now.

  3. Superb book for children BUT I loved it too – so suitable for all ages. Stunning illustrations too 🙂

  4. Beautifully illustrated with a simple, easy to read text, telling the story of what it can be like to be a young refugee in a strange country.

  5. This is a wonderful book. It encouraged a thoughtful discussion amongst my children about the subject of refugees. Beautifully told and stunning illustrations. My older child loved it too as have all adults I’ve shared with.

  6. Beautiful illustrations and a clever rhyming text with lots to say about what refugee children experience when they come to the UK.

  7. I love the colourful illustrations by Paula Watkins. The story shows a compassion for the plight of refugees and brings love and understanding to the reader. A book for children and adults alike.

  8. This story echoes so many of the feelings I experienced when I came to U.K. from a very different country at the age of five. I’m sure the warmth and colour of text and illustration will comfort a refugee child aa well as help children here to understand a little more of what others go through.

  9. Beautiful x

  10. A beautiful and very important book!

  11. Beautiful book, belongs on everybody’s coffee table.

  12. I love the beautifully crafted and wonderful illustrations which support Sue’s text admirably.
    The words are warm and compassionate, full of empathy for the refugee child coming to a new land and facing many challenges.

  13. Another beautiful book by Sue, we are huge fans!!!

  14. This book is suitable for all ages, so gentle and yet making such a strong point that underneath we are all “me” and equally valuable.

  15. I love the simplicity of the story and the beautiful illustrations which go so well together.
    A great little book to leave around for Grandchildren to find.

  16. Wonderfully creative book of images – suitable for any age.

  17. A lovely book to share with children.

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