Rules of Entry

The finalists and winners are chosen from the books featured on

Books must be entered by publishers.

Traditional publishers and ‘indie’ publishers must engage in a book selection process along with editing, marketing and distribution and help disseminate literature starting with one author with the plan to expand entry to as many other authors as possible.

Publishers can enter three titles in each of the three categories (fiction, non-fiction and children’s) per collection:

The Winners of the 2022/2023 Collection were announced on 5th May 2023 and appear in Video interviews with the winners have been posted in social media and

The 2023/2024 Collection starts on 3rd October 2023 which the public can vote for until 30 April 2024.   Titles can be from back lists provided sales have not exceeded 2000 copies.  

New and back list titles must be available to be purchased by the public from the link in from the moment they are showcased in The People’s Book Prize website.

Please click here to fill in your 2024 Collection Submission Form for next years collection. One Form per title – There is a submission charge.   The submission charges are: £ 100  for 1st submission – £75  for 2nd – £50 for 3rd and subsequent submissions.

If the publisher cannot meet these costs, we ask they communicate with us by return email so that each case can be considered on an individual basis.  It is indispensable for us to charge for submissions to meet operating costs to include marketing and social media.

It is only through your commitment of funds and time that The People’s Book Prize is able to perform the invaluable work it does.  Our collective strength is unparalleled in the UK’s creative sector; and we stand up well in comparison with other book prizes in levelling the British publishing playing field.  Those who have an influence over our success, be readers, publishers, authors, booksellers, or journalists, do take notice of what The People’s Book Prize says and does.

We continue to strive to provide the strongest possible united voice for publishing and improve the benefits The People’s Book Prize brings.

Confirmation of books being included in the collection will be sent.

Books must have UK rights.

The administrators’ decision on eligibility is final.

For more information please see our FAQ or email us if you have any queries about TPBP: click here    Look forward to receiving your submission(s).