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Dear Friends 

We can and will  stamp out illiteracy.  We are proud to be part and support the not for profit Teach a Friend to Read Campaign in partnership with the Dyslexia Foundation.  One in 5 of the UK and USA population has trouble with reading.  Anybody that can read can teach one that cannot.  As simple as that.  This coach-book with simple instructions shows you how. 

Buy a copy or you can donate below for us to send free books to care homes and orphanages in the UK and abroad. Make a difference http://teachafriendtoread.com/

Where there is a will there is a way.  We applaud everybody (The Reading Agency, BookTrust, National Literacy Trust)  who wants to help a non reader how to read and write. We can all work together to bring this ‘intellectual cancer’ to extinction.  Thank you for your support!

 Tatiana Wilson, Founder – The People’s Book Prize


Please sponsor a winner and share your passion for reading and the determination to improve somebody’s quality of life:   YOU can make that happen for one person.   He or she will keep in touch with his/her progress and it will be a rewarding experience to know that you have been able to make a difference.   

Thank you.  

All the best.   Tatiana   

Star donor:  TPBP 2010 Non-Fiction Award Winner, Brett Alegre-Wood, author of bestselling book THE 3 + 1 PLAN – Donation:   £5,000

The People’s Book Prize

Why was it created?

  • to give authors a better chance of being read
  • to create a unique space where publishers can showcase their authors’ work
  • to give the British public the opportunity to choose Britain’s next Bestsellers and discover new talent
  • to support libraries and encourage community interaction
  • to celebrate reading
  • to get people reading: anybody and everybody can be part of the People’s Book Prize and take an active role

Our aims  

  • To champion new authors and showcase new and unknown works.
  • To secure a transparent democratic process, empowering the public to vote with confidence for the nation’s next bestsellers and writers of tomorrow.
  • To engage the community and raise the profile of independent publishers, libraries and new writers, forming an alliance with retailers to sell and distribute winners’ books.
  • To support literacy within schools and by working with The People’s Book Prize writers to visit schools and conduct community workshops within libraries and bookshops.
  • To foster a love of reading and inspire the next generation of Britain’s best untapped writing talent.
  • To invest in a writing competition across three age groups.
  • In partnership, to host an event to raise awareness about the state of literacy and literature in the UK.
  • To eradicate illiteracy.

In the words of our Founding Patron, Dame Beryl Bainbridge DBE ‘I look forward to the time when we mention this particular prize as the greatest’.