By: Ned Boulting
Published by:

Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781399401548
Genre: Sport
Publication date: 06/22/2023
Price: 18.99


The story of an obsession. When cycling commentator Ned Boulting bought a length of Pathé news film featuring a stage of the Tour de France from 1923 he set about learning everything he could about it – taking him on an intriguing journey that encompasses travelogue, history and detective story

Author's Biography

Ned Boulting is the UK’s best known voice of cycling – he commentates on the Tour de France for ITV, and all other major cycling races. Ned has written five books, including the bestselling How I Won the Yellow Jumper and On the Road Bike


‘An absorbing mix of historical sleuthing and travel writing’
The Telegraph

‘[a] fascinating and often touching book… Wonderful’
The Times

‘A lovely meditation on the passing of time and echoes of history’
The Observer


  1. A must read.

  2. A superb book. It’s about cycling, it’s about France, it’s a travelogue and a social history and it’s even more than that, but you have to read it to discover for yourself!

  3. Abso-flippin-lutely fabulous! Kept me engrossed and eased the pain of cancelled flights and a lot of rerouting.

  4. Following the tiniest of threads to create a tapestry of remembrance of then and now. Shared experiences a century apart. Exceptionally good.

  5. Don’t let ‘cycling book’ put you off. This a great read, especially how events in history are weaved into the story of a bike race.

  6. Loved this book. Didn’t want to finish it.

  7. An excellent book that I enjoyed from the start, Thanks for the story Ned!

  8. This is a wonderful book, it’s a fantastic exploration of the minutiae derived from a wonderful clip.

  9. Great book, amazing how Ned uses a scrap of film to open a door into a forgotten period of time.

  10. Loved this. Different from most of his other books in blending social history with cycling knowledge. Captures the experience of the rabbit hole of historical research.

  11. A lovely rabbit-warren of a book, with so many different connections and avenues explored. Ned’s research and writing leads us to learn much about how a sport can run through the veins of people, a country and history.

  12. Outstanding, a journey that explores so many avenues and opens a window on a time that went on to shape the 20th Century.

  13. Fabulous response to the threads that can be followed with passion from watching a moment captured in time. Beautifully told and captivating.

  14. A wonderful and magical story, brilliantly written. Combines so many different, related elements. The underlying love of cycling generally, the Tour de France specifically and of France itself reveal themselves throughout the book.

  15. Fascinating.

  16. Makes a great Xmas gift.

  17. A most interesting read.

  18. Read, vote and comment!

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