A Girl Beyond Closed Doors

By: Jessica Taylor-Bearman
Published by:

Hashtag Press

ISBN: 978-1-913835-30-9
Genre: Memoir 18+
Publication date: 10/19/2023
Price: 13.99


Part three of the number 1 bestselling series. After twelve years of being trapped in the world of one room by the M.E. Monster, Jessica’s dreams start to come true. She’s pregnant! But Jessica has to adjust to being a disabled mum in an inaccessible world and face the critics who doubt her abilities. Balancing parenthood and chronic illness, expectations versus reality, Jessica discovers alternative fairytale endings are possible…

Author's Biography

Jessica Taylor-Bearman is the number 1 bestselling author of A Girl Behind Dark Glasses and A Girl In One Room which shares her real life experience with living with M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyletis). Jessica is the founder of Share a Star, a charity that helps seriously unwell youngsters. She writes a blog called The World of One Room and has a YouTube video of the same name that has reached tens of thousands of people in multiple countries. Jessica has also featured in a film called Unrest. She is an advocate for raising awareness of M.E. A Girl Behind Dark Glasses has stayed on the bestsellers list since its release in 2018.


‘Jessica’s writing is captivating and she gives the reader a real insight as to what it is like to live with ME. Please read to raise awareness for all sufferers.’ Amazon review
‘One theme that runs strongly throughout the book is hope. Jessica constantly demonstrates how hope for something better keeps her going in the darker times, she set herself goals, and whether she succeeded or not, she would not give up. This resilience isn’t born out of foolhardiness but years of learning how to live strategically with the ME monster.’ The Low Side Blog
‘I don’t want you to think that it is a ‘misery memoir’, because at its centre is a sparky, funny, angry and philosophical young woman determined to survive against the odds’ Goodreads


  1. Great Book. We are proud of you Jessica.

  2. Fab Book well done Jessica x

  3. Totally unique view of the world beautifully conveyed from a super-challenged perspective

  4. Inspirational!

  5. Highly recommended.

  6. your amazing! from one M.E suffer to another.So proud if you x

  7. just blown away lovely. all your books are educational, honest and truthful a must as a teaching tool for medical professionals and mental health.

  8. Everyone who has been touched by this cruel condition, both medical professionals and patients, should take the time to read Jessica’s words.
    written from the heart.

  9. The perfect book for Christmas.

  10. You are truly amazing Jessica! You have given me hope as I suffer the same illness. You deserve this prize!

  11. Well done! Thank you.

  12. Inspirational writing

  13. Another step forward for PWME

  14. Jessica has excelled herself in writing this third book in her trilogy. I found it very moving, honest and most if all inspirational. God bless you Jessica – also your lovely husband and family.

  15. A must read. Inspirational author, overcoming the ME Monster. You cannot help but be moved by the last book in the trilogy.

  16. A must read. Inspirational. You cannot help but be moved by the last book in the trilogy.

  17. An inspiring and moving work, beautifully written. Congratulations Jessica on all you’ve achieved.

  18. An absolute treasure of a book. No holds barred take on how it is living with ME/CFS and raising a family. If you haven’t yet, you need to read all three books in the “A Girl” series. Insightful for those who don’t know much about the condition. And a voice to those who suffer from it.

  19. You’re such an inspiration Jessica – sheer determination over adversity. Who would have thought you would become an accomplished author but, more importantly, a Mum.

  20. Well done, you inspire me!!!

  21. Jessica never ceases to amaze me. Her determination, resilience and courage are extraordinary. Bless you Jessica for being such an inspiration.

  22. ME is the great hidden illness of our generation. To bring it into the light so honestly and touchingly as Jessica has is so needed. It also brings hope and encouragement to other sufferers and those with other chronic disabilities whose voices are seldom heard.

  23. Amazing book and very proud of you creating a voice for those who are in a disabled position, keep up the amazing work xx

  24. This is such an inspiring read, the courage and strength from Jessica is admirable. A voice for those who suffer from hidden illnesses and a great insight for everyone else.

  25. Fantastic book …brilliant work Jessica

  26. deserved beyond measure lass! thank you for shouting for us as usual x

  27. A truly awesome book Highlights ME in such an inspirational way I wish you and your family all the best for the future and I know you’ll keep fighting not just for yourself but for others and awareness as well

  28. Must-read! So well done, wow! If you have or know someone with myalgic encephalomyelitis, read this. It’s an eye opener!

  29. Read, vote and comment!

  30. Thanks for giving us a voice Jessica

  31. Inspirational book. Thank you!

  32. truly amazing lady had the privelidge to look after jess when i was working for the care Agency long time ago.

  33. The world needs to know about ME and finally invest in a cure!

  34. Growing numbers of people with this disease mean it’s becoming even more important to listen to patient voices. This writer has a truly unique perspective of experiencing unique horror about which most in the world know nothing. Super interesting.

  35. I have known Jessica for many years and have seen the pain and distress that she has been through. She is truly inspirational to all of us who know and admire her. She is a brilliant Mummy to Felicity and Rupert and wife to Samual. I throughly have enjoyed he 3 books and following her journey since the monster appeared well done you are a super star.

  36. Like the first two of the trilogy, powerfully inspirational.

  37. Such an inspiring author!

  38. keep up the good work Jessica, very inspiring to all ME sufferers.

  39. Thanks for your wonderful work, Jessica, shining a light on what it’s like living with severe ME.

  40. Voted my honey 🙂

  41. well done Jessica

  42. From another ME sufferer

  43. Congratulations on your third book

  44. Congratulations on another informative book

  45. Fantastic book
    l highly recommend 💙

  46. So proud of you Jess you have come so far ❤️❤️

  47. Voted 👍🏻👍🏻

  48. Well done Jessica, amazing…

  49. Great to see more books about living with such a debilitating disease as Myalgic encephalomyelitis

  50. A beautiful read.

  51. A worthy winner.

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