Ash and the Favour Man


Nine-year-old Ashleigh is no ordinary girl – through no fault of her own.

She has an attitude to rival any Diva and the solid steel determination to back it up.

The only thing her parents taught her was how to take a beating and she is sick of learning that particular lesson.

When she is introduced to ‘The Favour Man’ lives are going to be changed – some for the better, others not so much. Not much in Ash’s life runs smoothly but in the autumn of her ninth year, she is forced to deal with more adventure, hardship, abuse and pieces of the harshest reality than she could have imagined and it knocks the previous years’ experiences into a cocked hat.

Junkies, dealers, paedophiles and hitmen all show up virtually on her doorstep and she has a battle on, not only to stay alive but to keep hold of her sanity if she can.

Author's Biography

D Michelle Gent is Derbyshire-born and bred. She moved to Nottinghamshire and then on to France where she has recently been recovering from illness. Now on the mend, she has returned to her love of writing and creating stories. Ash and the Favour Man is part fiction, part autobiographical – the challenge for the reader is to work out which parts of the story are true.


  1. An amazing story that feeds hope and acknowledges despair. An amazing heart wrenching read. I tried to imagine the life thrown upon Ash and couldn’t. Gritty and gripping

  2. It takes courage to live Ash’s life, and to write this incredible story also took an amazing amount of courage. Both Ash and Michelle have the sheer guts, willpower, determination and inner strength to deal with everything life and reality throws at them, and their story will grasp at your heart and mind in ways you never thought possible. A powerful, take-no-prisoners read that is impossible to put down until long after you read the last page.

  3. I could not put this book down I read it in a day so did my sister and mom . At times you do not want to continue reading as you cannot believe that a little girl could go through so much and survive, but it compels you to go on and fight with her until the end

  4. I think I have read all of Gent’s books but this one is a little different and possibly scarier because of the difference. It skews away from her usual fantasy and horror genre and drops right in to the realism of urban life. At times I wondered if this was fact or fiction, but as she says herself, it’s up to the reader to work out which is which. It is quite horrific to think that some children could actually have lives like this.

  5. Inspirational!

  6. Love this book from beginning to end. Had to read it one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. The ending will give you chills!
    Love all of her books. Definitely one of my favourite authors

  7. This is my favourite book so far by this author. Ash, the main character is a real fighter and draws on your empathy, the minute you meet her. The book is difficult to put down, once you start reading. I can see Ash having her own series, what a great film this story would make.

  8. This is the first book I have read by this author, but it definitely will not be the last. I couldn’t put this book down, it was such a sad existence for Ash ( the main character) but she had the courage to keep going which is incredible for such a young girl.

  9. Gent has written about a hard-hitting, enthralling and sometimes uncomfortably real situation. I was immediately drawn to the feisty, indomitable spirit that was Ash and her enigmatic devious favour man. The tale twists, turns and dips into the underbelly of the northern drug scene with a climatic and shocking finale that leaves you breathless. Well worth a read. Wow.

  10. A great read and unique gift to give.

  11. It’s a well constructed novel full of twists and turns and the spectrum of emotions you go through is an absolute page turner. Couldn’t put it down once I’d started. Epic read! Only one problem I’ve found – there needs to be more!!

  12. Great read, kept me interested throughout!
    I would definitely recommend this book!

  13. great read very emotional

  14. loved the book brilliant read

  15. loved the book brilliant read

  16. Great read – waiting for the next!!!

  17. Loved it, great read !

  18. Great book. Highly recommended.

  19. Read, vote and comment!

  20. This was a brilliant story! The character development was outstanding, the world building bar none, and the storyline utterly gripping. It flowed so well and I didn’t want it to end. There were so many terrible things happening but somehow in the middle of all that, the little family that the three of them built felt cozy and safe; a place I wanted to stay and read more about. And Ash….. just WOW….what a unique, strong, brave, vulnerable at times, funny and just overall amazing character. I want more Ash! The way the author wove this story is really the type of storytelling that keeps people coming back to her work. Well done!!

  21. I found this book in places hard as it was so close to my childhood experience, I read every page and found ash a real fighter, so brave and resiliant………
    above all well worth a read
    looking forward to the nxt xx

  22. A great team, takes you into the darker side of childhood and out the other side, an inspiring tale that shows even at the darkest times in a childs life there cam be hope and solace and love . Uncomfortable to imagine that in reality many young people live through such turmoil, Ash’s courage and resilience is a lesson for all. Highly recommended read.

  23. Powerful and moving story. It’s hard to believe one kid went through it all and survived. There’s a gritty reality to the story that makes you keep reading and I really wanted Ash to make it through the abuse.

  24. I have now read this twice and it’s a great read. Ash is quite a kid and her suffering and determination comes across throughout the book. The fact it is based on some true experiences is somewhat sad and very scary things like this exist. Well worth reading.

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