In a world consumed by war, a small group of young women take to the skies to ‘do their bit’. Their bravery and determination play a vital part in changing the course of history.

Author's Biography

Paul was born in England and is a film producer and author. He recently produced The Moor with One Big Mop; and which has since been Oscar qualified.


“The power of Paul’s writing is what makes Molly’s story captivating. It isn’t written in a traditional academic historical style, more
like fiction, igniting every element of my imagination”. Olivia Smith, book critic, History of War magazine


  1. Highly recommended.

  2. A fascinating read. Perfect for a Xmas gift.

  3. The love and respect for the courage of women in all the roles they play is clearly felt from this delightful author.
    A sign of a strong man at heart.

  4. Well done Paul, great achievement!

  5. My late Mother, Molly, would be highly embarrassed. Paul has captured her spirit wonderfully well. She and her male and female colleagues in the Air Transport Auxiliary were determined to deliver aircraft whatever the challenge.

  6. Molly Rose was a wonderful woman who ut was a great privilege to know over many years (I was at school with her son Graham, and her indomitable sprit is well captured in this excellent book.

  7. Good luck Paul. I’m delighted that you’ve been nominated.

  8. A touching and captivating story that brings alive the courage and selflessness of those working behind the frontline in such an essential role, that might otherwise have been so easily forgotten.

  9. An important and meaningful story. Good luck.

  10. Highly recommended. Good luck Paul.

  11. Brilliant work, Paul! Good luck!

  12. A winner for sure!

  13. Praise long overdue to Molly Rose and the other brave young women. Well done, Paul!

  14. Should be made into a film! Perhaps next year?

  15. As Secretary of the ATA Association, I can but praise Paul for helping to portray the role that the ATA played in such a readable account of how its women took on the hitherto male dominated piloting of military aircraft.

  16. A fascinating book.

  17. When is the film coming out? Well done!

  18. Read, comment and vote!

  19. A great entry. Good luck.

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