Baller Boys vs The Bulldozers


Best friends Shay and Frankie, and their team AC United, are back for another football season, another year older, and eager for a win… The duo soon realise that nothing ever stays the same, and change is a part of life whether they like it or not – both on and off the pitch. With new team members, the threat of losing their precious home turf, and changes afoot in their family lives too, can the boys work together to stay on track… and keep winning? And, of course, who will be crowned Baller Boy this season?

Author's Biography

Venessa Taylor brings two decades of experience as an inner-city primary school teacher and assistant headteacher, to the creation of the number one bestselling book, Baller Boys. Aimed at encouraging young boys to enjoy reading, the football-themed stories are written with young readers in mind. Born and raised in London, Venessa continues her legacy as a literacy lead, through her stories.


‘I have had the quietest evenings ever this week, because my grandson is so engrossed in reading Baller Boys vs The Bulldozers.’ Amazon review
‘Energetic, inclusive, and emotionally engaging, this action-packed story is a top of the league triumph for footie fans’ LoveReading4Kids
‘Baller Boys vs The Bulldozers is one of those wonderful books that while written for children, adults will get joy from reading it too. It’s perfect for young football fans. Full of adventure, humour and beautiful illustrations by Kenneth Ghann and has well-thought-out messages. It will keep young readers entertained and will be a book they want to read again and again.’ TBHonest Reviews


  1. A very good and interesting book if you love football you will definitely enjoy this book

  2. very good for the culture
    thank you

  3. my 12 year read the first book and now reading the second book he loves these books so much.

  4. Loved football all my life, this is very interesting.

  5. I love reading this book, very interesting and now started reading the second book.

  6. This is a fantastic book, especially for footy fans which I can relate to. Was an added bonus listening to my nephew read aloud to me we both loved it.

  7. Great book – inclusive, sensitive & empowering ❤️

  8. My two Godchildren loved it one boy one girl they are fans now 💯⚽️

  9. My two Godchildren loved it one boy one girl they are fans now

  10. My Niece and Nephew loved it they are fans now ⚽️

  11. My son loves this book. He is only 19 months and everyday wants me to read him a page or two he loves the pictures and I love to see him so happy when I read the book to him 😎😎

  12. My daughters love this book. One plays football but the other doesn’t but they both love the story line and Ashleigh the girl character, they say she looks like them which they love x

  13. Enjoyed reading this with my grandson, as a black man I wish I’d had books like this when I was growing my sons.

  14. My eleven year old Goddaugher is well into the book as the character Ashleigh is based on her football crazy cousin.

  15. really held ny grandson’s interest.

  16. amazing book❤️❤️ enjoyed reading it really exciting and every chapter something new happens which is amazing

  17. my grand daughter really loves this book and she think it’s wonderful. ❤️❤️ she’s hoping there’s going to be an next one.

  18. my son read this book and he lovrs football amazing inspiration ❤❤

  19. my son read this book and he loves football amazing inspiration ❤❤

  20. What a lovely book. My son has this book and enjoyed reading it many times. Waiting for the next one.

  21. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Perfect for children.

  22. my children are liked and the book was interesting

  23. Both my son aged 8 and his sister aged 10 read both books by this author. My son loves both the football aspect and the storylines and his sister the storylines because she relates to the characters lives and now loves Ashleigh the new girl. looking forward to book 3. The football in the books is great, but you don’t have to like football to enjoy these stories as there’s so much more going on. 10/10

  24. Very good book. My daughter was very engaged by it. Would definitely recommend to others without hesitation.

  25. Bought 40 books for my daughters party gift bags and they all went down a treat.
    Would recommend for kids of all ages.
    This will be a classic.

  26. A great read which is suitable for all kids, really holds their interest.

  27. I bought this book for my Niece, and she absolutely loved it, she was thoroughly engaged through out, the whole book. would hole heartfully recommend for all kids.

  28. I bought this book for my grandson he really enjoyed reading it so I am glad to support such a gifted writer keep writing and inspiring.

  29. This book is wonderful and had brilliant culture

  30. This book is wonderful

  31. my 12 year son enjoyed the football aspect of the book. First book to ever hold his attention.

  32. The football matches and training were believable

  33. I bought this book 1. And 2. for my daughter she really enjoyed reading! Thank you author looking forward book 3 .

  34. Super book.

  35. Super book.

  36. So much fun!

  37. My Ten year old grandson who usually doesn’t tread books totally enjoyed reading and took it into school to show his teacher
    One of his class friends also asked if she could read it.

  38. my Children this book is fantastic, it just make my grandson thinks he is a part of the story

  39. Read, comment and vote!


    I hope I like the next book




  43. Football is one of the most popular sport my brother loves football

  44. Today at our school, we met Venessa Taylor and she was super duper kind to all of us and she told us about her being petrified of tiny cats, she loves horses, but is allergic to him, she used to be a teacher! I had so much fun, I hope Vanessa sees this. I’m the one in 5T

  45. Today at our school, we met Venessa Taylor and she was super duper kind to all of us and she told us about her being petrified of tiny cats, she loves horses, but is allergic to him, she used to be a teacher! I had so much fun, I hope Vanessa sees this. I’m the one in 5T

  46. Loved it

  47. Brilliant book for the intended reader, such a good read.

  48. Well done!

  49. Great book to encourage football loving boys to read.

  50. lovely book very multiculture and including thank you for diversity!

    jenny and Marcel

  51. A fun ready with a strong message about team work and the environment learning is a bonus.

  52. A fantastic book for encouraging reading for those with an interest in football. Also cultural for many to relate.

  53. An amazing series of books! Highly recommended.

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