By: Adam Lyndon
Published by:

Joffe Books

ISBN: 9781804058732
Genre: Crime thriller
Publication date: 05/04/2023
Price: 10.99


For five years, Detective Rutherford Barnes has been hunting his wife’s killer. Now the one man who knows the truth is found dead. A week later, a terrified young woman hammers on the door of a late-night convenience store, begging for help. Convinced the two events are connected, Barnes must uncover the shocking truth.

Author's Biography

Adam was born and raised in Sussex. He has been a police officer for twenty years both in the UK and in New Zealand, working across a range of disciplines including uniformed ops and as a detective in CID and specialist investigations. Adam writes gritty, Eastbourne-based police-procedurals with hard-edged authenticity.


  1. kept you enjoying and fixed from start to finish. Recommend reading.

  2. I particularly enjoy the consistent level of detail and twists in this and other of Adam’s books

  3. Will give it as my Xmas gift to friends.

  4. This was as brilliant 3rd book in an excellent series and I hope there will be more to come

  5. Read, comment and vote!

  6. Excellent book.

  7. You know when you read a crime thriller by Adam Lyndon that it is going to be a good read. I love how his characters and plot develops.

  8. I have enjoyed all three books produced by Adam so far with Burnt Out Secrets my favourite of the three so far, counting down to the 7th May 2024 when the next book in the series will launch.

  9. A page turner. Couldn’t put it down. Particularly enjoyed the twists and turns.

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