Crossing Over

By: Ann Morgan
Published by:

Renard Press

ISBN: 9781804470220
Genre: Literary fiction
Publication date: 04/24/2023
Price: 9.99


Edie finds the world around her increasingly difficult to comprehend. Jonah has finally made it to England – but the journey was fraught with danger, and many of his fellow travellers didn’t make it. The elderly woman stubbornly battling dementia and the traumatised illegal immigrant find solace in an unlikely companionship.

Author's Biography

Ann Morgan is an author, speaker and editor. Crossing Over, her latest novel, draws on her experience living just a few minutes from where many of the small boats crossing the Channel land. She is Literary Explorer in Residence of the Cheltenham Literature Festival for 2022 and 2023.


‘Ann Morgan is such an interesting writer…’ — Clare Chambers
‘A sharp, rich, complex, layered novel, and an urgent story for our times.’ — Lucy Caldwell


  1. Most entertaining.

  2. Highly recommended.

  3. Such a wonderful insight into the mind of an elderly sufferer of Alzheimer’s disease. Also shows appreciation of times past and times very present for so many.

  4. Loved it!

  5. Captivating.

  6. Read, comment and vote!

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