Grim Falls Academy: Don’t Eat the Soup!

By: Louise Forshaw
Published by:

Maverick Arts Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84886-945-5
Genre: ages 7 -9, 31 illustrations
Genre: Supernatural mystery
Publication date: 08/28/2023
Price: 6.99


Something weird is happening at Grim Falls Academy… and that’s saying something for a school for monsters! The teachers have grown tentacles, the headmaster has locked himself away and there’s a new human student too. But with the school inspector coming, can Seb and Victor uncover the mystery in time?

Author's Biography

Louise Forshaw is an author-illustrator from the North East of England. She lives just outside Newcastle upon Tyne with her fiancé and three naughty Jack Russell Terriers. After illustrating over 80 children’s books, the Grim Falls Academy series is her debut as an author-illustrator.


‘This series is perfect as both a read aloud or a read alone for newly confident readers.’ – MyBookCorner

‘These are highly appealing and the perfect length for those making the transition from school reading schemes and picture books to short chapter books.’ – Jacqui Sydney, Mrs Sydney’s Famous World’s Smallest Library

‘It has the perfect mix of inventive characters, adventures and mishaps, and great character development to keep the interest of all years in KS2.’ – Reading Pebbles

‘They are short, easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable- not to mention incredibly colourful and filled with atmospheric illustrations.’ – My Shelves Are Full

‘a spookily special and gleefully ghoulish new series for readers aged 6+’ – Library Girl and Book Boy


  1. This is a great book for the appropriate age group. Fun with enough monsterish adventure to keep your child turning the pages.

  2. Brilliant book by a fabulous author/illustrator

  3. Fantastic book. Loved every page.

  4. Great book with Brill illustrations

  5. great read wonderful illustrations

  6. Great book with amazing illustrations

  7. So much fun!

  8. Perfect for a Christmas gift.

  9. Highly recommended.

  10. Absolutely spooktacular read!

    Incredibly witty, smart, adventurous and belly laugh out loud funny: it was devoured by my goblin & gremlin!

    Louise’s illustrations are monstrously good too.

    Perfect addition to all bookshelves.

  11. A must to read and for gifts.

  12. Highly recommended.

  13. Read, comment and vote!

  14. My 5 year old daughter loves this book. Reading few chapters a day together

  15. Just voted. Hope it wins.

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