Mindy’s Journey

By: James Davison
Published by:

Progressive Play

ISBN: 9781739638306
Genre: 0 - 11 years old, 20 full colour illustrations
Genre: Picture storybook; personal and social issues; depression
Publication date: 07/01/2022
Price: 7.99


Mindy’s Journey tells the story of a young girl, suffering from a period of depression, who befirends a star whilst lost and alone in a cave.

Author's Biography

James Davison is a neurodiverse father of four, husband and author from Wolverhampton. Given his experiences with mental health, he suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, Non – Epileptic Attack Disorder and Affective Dysregulation, and as a parent, he wanted to use his storytelling abilities to empower others talk about mental health.


“A great book for kids of all ages would recommend! Great to help kids going through tough times.”
Amazon review

“They loved Mindy’s Journey, and the story behind it. The children thought carefully about the story, which was a fantastic reference and talking point.”
Stowlawn Primary School Testimonial


  1. a very articulate young man who is a great story teller. his books touch subjects which very few children’s books do in a thoughtful but enjoyable and supportive manner

  2. Such a great story. The author is so full of enthusiasm in trying to spread his experiences rolled up in this children’s book.

  3. Excellent book.

  4. An excellent children’s book which is a great tool to encourage young people to talk about their feelings – a great trail blazer and much needed.
    Written with great care and empathy by a remarkable young man and dad .

  5. This book is as deserving of recognition as the author and the issues he seeks to tackle in such stories as Mindy’s Journey. A very fitting and accessible book for children dealing with the highly relevant issue of depression.

  6. A book that really deserves to be in this list.

  7. Inspirational!

  8. amazing book I think this book should be in schools it would be a great idea I know a lot of schools help children who are suffering from mental health issues. as a parent I think having books like this in school will help children feel like there not alone I can’t wait to purchase the other book I have a feeling this is just a start for this amazing gentlemen and I wish him and his family all the best in there future.

  9. I give this book ten out of ten. Well done.

  10. Super book. Well done.

  11. Read, comment and vote!

  12. Brilliant book!

  13. Deserves to win!

  14. An excellent book to promote age appropriate discussions on thoughts and feelings with children of all ages from someone who has had experiences with mental health issues. Truly inspirational.

  15. A great children’s book from a hardworking and talented young man.

  16. A lovely book

  17. A great book to help children navigate difficult times.

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