By: Faith Martin
Published by:

Joffe Books

ISBN: 978-1804058022
Publication date: 04/06/2023
Price: 10.99


Former Detective Hillary Greene and her cold case team are tasked with solving the murder of a vicar who was left to die in his own church thirty years before. Their investigations will throw up a series of shocking secrets in the pretty Oxfordshire village of Lower Barton.

Author's Biography

Faith has been writing for nearly 30 years under four different pen names with nearly 50 books published so far. She began writing romantic thrillers as Maxine Barry, then crime, and as Joyce Cato wrote classic-style whodunits before creating her fictional DI Hillary Greene, under the name of Faith Martin.


  1. Highly recommended.

  2. Faith Martin is one of my favourite authors; this book continues her track record of well thought-out twisters.

  3. Faith Martin is one of Britain’s most prolific, exciting and thrilling writers. Hilary Greene is a brilliant lovable character. it has been great to follow her through her life in these books. Faith deserves to win this prize.

  4. Faith Martin is one of the few authors who is able to write prolifically without being formulaic. All her books are enjoyable and well-written, and each one is subtly diffferent.

  5. kept you reading even though you were tired and hungry could not put it down.

  6. Another fine author, Joffe have got me into. Will admit to if not having multiple kindle’s how many such fine writers I would have missed,

  7. Faith Martin’s books are always a great read. She takes time with her characters, settings, and plot lines. The continuity from book to book in the series is spot on and her appreciation of the semantic nuances of the English language is impeccable.

  8. LovFaith Martin’s Books ,most of all chacter Hillary Green!!!

  9. I love all of Faith Martin’s books. I wish there were a lot more of them!!!

  10. I’ve read all of her books and have never been disappointed! The character is someone to like and identity with. I highly recommend her books.

  11. I love all her books, because they are always excellent and her characters are always believable.

  12. Faith Martin is a terrific author and her books have great characters. Read many of them and am working my way through the Hillary Green series, she’s probably my favourite character! She’s great at creating strong women.

  13. Great for a Christmas gift.

  14. Super entertaining.

  15. Read, vote and comment!

  16. Loved it.

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