Revolting Women

By: Lucy Ryan
Published by:

Practical Inspiration Publishing

ISBN: 9781788603980
Genre: Business
Publication date: 09/05/2023
Price: 19.99


Every day, professional women over 50 are shattering the old misconceptions about age and ambition, but many find they have to leave their companies to do so. Lucy Ryan shows how businesses can retain and develop this invaluable talent pool.

Author's Biography

For the last 20 years, Lucy Ryan has coached leaders in global companies across 29 countries, and is a passionate advocate for women’s professional development. Noticing a trend of female midlife clients leaving their corporate roles, she led a five-year research project exploring this phenomenon, filling a long-standing data gap.


‘It’s hard to disagree with anything in this book. It’s clear. It’s pithy. It’s enraging.’ – The Sunday Times
‘This story needs to be told…I hope this book can be a force for good in our society.’ – Ben Cooper, Chief Content and Music Officer, Bauer Media Group
‘Real life, factual and gripping – an honest account which unmasks the experiences of midlife women’ – Becky Hewitt, former Human Resources Director, Leeds Building Society
‘I devoured the excellent research and was really moved by the personal stories and experiences shared in this richly rewarding read. ‘ – Janie van Hool, Voice Presence
‘Will inspire you to explore that ‘sparkle of female genius’ that allows women to take on the world in their later years.’- Emma Howard Boyd CBE, Green Finance Institute



  1. Thank you — a great help for us women.

  2. Fantastic book – clear, researched and beautifully written

  3. Thank you Lucy for sharing your research, thoughts and pragramatic approach to enabling women with this previously neglected topic

  4. Fabulous read and a must for all boards.

  5. Brilliant book. A wake up call to organisations to transform from twentieth century structures and policies to those suited to this one. A great reminder that flexibility and adaptability are pre-requisites for economic success. Mid-career women face particular challenges which require these in abundance so that they don’t walk away just when they gave most to offer.
    Thanks Lucy for a stimulating read.

  6. An insightful and inspiring book with practical actions that we should all be taking to change the way mid career women are being viewed and side lined by organisations. A brilliant book for women written by a brilliant woman!

  7. My thanks to Lucy Ryan for starting this vital conversation with such energy. It’s a great read – clear, powerful and inspiring.

  8. Great book specially as a Christmas gift.

  9. And indeed I corroborate my statement above: best Christmas gift last year!

  10. Read, comment and vote!

  11. This is an invaluable book. A must-read for recruiters in particular if you want to avoid the brain drain from your organisation.

  12. A remarkable piece of research turned into a human readable thought provoking book. I hope it starts some important conversations in every organisation.

  13. Fantastic book, highlighted so many challenges that need to be addressed.

  14. Fantastic book! Thank you, Lucy Ryan, for highlighting all these challenges that women are confronting at older age… We need to be more revolting 💪!

  15. Fantastic book – my favourite read of the year

  16. Bravo Dr Lucy Ryan for writing the book and publishing the data that no one had examined. Companies if you want equity and female representation in senior roles, hold onto your revolting women, have courageous career conversations and think flex, sabbaticals and job share. We’re just coming into our power and glory in our magnificent 50s and beyond. And that gender pay gap is almost 4 x higher for women aged 50-59 than for women in their 30s.

  17. I love this book – so well written, brimming with passion and humanity

  18. I have just started a business and your bang-up-to-date research was a great help in writing my business plan. No wonder women are revolting! Thank you Lucy for the great read and great resource you have created.
    It helped me understand myself and what I have met in the workplace.

  19. A genuinely thought provoking book, much needed in the workplace. Thank you Lucy Ryan

  20. I loved this book. It’s such a great combination of empirical research and personal anecdotes. Not often this kind of book is hard to put down. I galloped through it.

  21. This is a book I find myself going back to time and time again. It is brimming with information as well as being a great read. It is well constructed and thoughtfully divided so that the facts are easy to find and the ‘take aways’ are easy to digest and revisit – and it is a true call to action.

  22. I love this book – so well written, brimming with insight, passion and humanity

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