Still Lives

By: Reshma Ruia
Published by:

Renard Press

ISBN: 9781913724580
Genre: Literary fiction
Publication date: 06/29/2023
Price: 10.00


PK Malik leaves Bombay to start a new life in America. Stopping in Manchester to visit an old friend, he thinks he sees a business opportunity, and decides to stay on. Now fifty-five, PK has fallen out of love with life. He finds solace in a sordid affair.

Author's Biography

Reshma Ruia is an award-winning author and poet. She is the co-founder of The Whole Kahani – a writers’ collective of British South Asian writers. Born in India and brought up in Rome, her writing explores the preoccupations of those who possess a multiple sense of belonging.


‘This book grabs you from the get-go. Compelling characters, fantastic prose, sexy, funny and wise.’ Heidi James
‘Stunning. Heartbreaking. And so very real.’ Khurrum Rahman


  1. Brilliant read

  2. The best!

  3. Loved it! She gets better and better!

  4. Reshma is an incredible author! Great book!

  5. Just Amazing x

  6. Reshma is amazing.

  7. Loved it!!!

  8. An incredibly powerful book – a must-read!

  9. Reshma is amazing! ❤️

  10. Well done Reshma ❤️

  11. A really good read!

  12. Fantastic endeavour Reshma

  13. Reshma’s writing is both insightful and evocative, making it a compelling read for those interested in contemporary literature that delves into complex human experiences.

  14. A Fabulous read by a stunning author

  15. A Fabulous read

  16. We Sp proud of you Reshma keep it up

  17. Superb

  18. An incredible book by an incredible author!

  19. Poignant and wistful. Could not put it down! Brava!

  20. Well Done Reshma

  21. Well Done Reshma

  22. Well Done

  23. Great read

  24. Really Great 🙂

  25. A enjoyable read

  26. Great as a Christmas gift.

  27. One of the best books I have read.

  28. One of the best books I’ve read this year. I literally could not put it down. I was sucked into the story from the very first page and left traumatized by the end. Captivating, engrossing and totally upsetting. I still can’t get over it; that’s how good the book is!

  29. Remarkable..and utterly gripping…kept me reading late into the night, night after night..

  30. Really great Reshma!!!

  31. congrats Reshma well done

  32. Imposible not to discuss thank you Reshma!

  33. Fabulous and entertaining.

  34. I was immersed from the beginning, felt such empathy for the characters and where they found themselves. It was a riveting book with some light hearted touches in between the difficult situations everyone faced. Totally believable.
    But the ending……..
    A must read.

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