The Bone on the Beach

By: Fiona Gillan Kerr
Published by:

Ringwood Publishing

ISBN: 9781901514919
Genre: Mystery, ghost story, folklore retold as fiction
Publication date: 09/30/2023
Price: 9.99


Retelling the Celtic legend of Dierdre of the Sorrows, The Bone on the Beach tells the intertwined stories of two women, twenty years apart, in the same isolated Highland village. Meghan feels tied to and haunted by Dierdre – will she be able to lay old ghosts to rest?

Author's Biography

Fiona Gillan Kerr was born to Scottish parents outside Cambridge, schooled in Sri Lanka and studied at Durham University. She now divides her time between Texas, where her four sons live, and her Scottish home in Thurso. She has ‘dabbled’ in writing since childhood, but this is her first novel.


  1. Highly recommended.

  2. You will feel you are there. Breath taking scenery & a clever plot.

  3. Highly recommended! You’ll be transported to the Scottish Highlands in this page turner.

  4. Will make a fab Xmas gift.

  5. Captivating!

  6. A terrific book. Read, comment and vote for it.

  7. Great book. Highly recommended.

  8. Read, comment and vote!

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