The Burnout Bible

By: Rachel Philpotts
Published by:

Practical Inspiration Publishing

ISBN: 9781788603768
Genre: Self-Help
Publication date: 07/18/2023
Price: 14.99


The Burnout Bible is the essential guide for tired and wired career women seeking to prevent burnout. With mental health issues on the rise and with women particularly susceptible to burnout, this book offers timely and actionable advice on how to self-manage the symptoms of stress without resorting to medication.

Author's Biography

Rachel Philpotts is the founder of re:Nutrition. Having experienced burnout in her 30s, she quit the corporate world and retrained. Now as a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner and mental health expert, she helps tired and wired career women to combat fatigue and tackle emotional overwhelm naturally.


This book puts the power back in your hands and will become your bible on the road to recovery’ Tracey Raye, Health Editor, BBC Good Food and Olive
‘Will be invaluable for anyone looking to regain control and lead a calmer, more authentic life.’ Sam Rice, Food and Health Columnist, The Telegraph
‘If you’re seeking a comprehensive approach to overcoming burnout and reclaiming your well-being, this book is a worthwhile read.’ – NetGalley
‘An absolute lifeline for any woman who feels exhausted, stressed out and emotionally overwhelmed.’ Nicki Williams, Nutritionist
‘This book is going to be life changing for so many people.’ Clare Bowers, Co-founder, Leading Ladies in Business


  1. A MUST read.

  2. Such an insightful read, full of understanding from a women’s perspective.

  3. Although this book is aimed at women, the advice and the insights help men too. I would strongly recommend giving it a read as it helped me realise I was on the verge of burnout.

  4. “Burnout” is not gender specific but can be exasperated by certain gender specific conditions. This book is written from personal experience, backed by clinical study and case based research. A must read for anyone trying to cope with the pressures of modern day work life balance issues.

  5. An amazing book that has helped me immensely. A must read!

  6. Brilliant book – strongly recommended reading for anyone wanting to understand more about burnout

  7. I love this book! It’s full of insightful information and understandable scientific explanations that offers perspective and solutions to overwhelmed people juggling it all.

  8. Such an amazing book, written by an incredible and inspirational women.

  9. An outstanding & very practical book which was easy to follow & well laid out. It provides an excellent guide on how beat burnout and reclaim your life.

  10. A life saver.

  11. fantastic book. everyone should read the burnout Bible ,so knowledgeable. loved it

  12. An easy well balanced read to help anyone struggling with the pressures of everyday life, particularly career driven individuals who may not realise the effects stress can have on their health and how important correct nutrition can help negate it.
    Rachel’s personal journey to recovery will help others recognise what burnout is and what they can do to prevent it or if necessary to get their lives back on track.
    I highly recommend this book.

  13. Fascinating journey and insightful advice from a seasoned professional, all packed in an easy to read and apply package.

  14. Excellent advice.

  15. Practical and insightful read for anybody burning the candle from both ends!

  16. Amazing book written by a professional who has lived her own experiences

  17. This book has changed my view on my own mood. Understanding my depressive states as burnout has helped massively in my recovery. My thoughts, mood and fatigue are the result of stress that has gone unchecked and not addressed. This book has made me realise it is not a flaw in my character rather I need to recover and put simple changes in place. From changing what I store things in, to what I eat and how I exercise.

  18. This book is SO important with so many people suffering burnout. Not only will you understand why you are experiencing burnout but also how you can support yourself and come out the otherside. Loved reading it 🙂

  19. Don’t wait to feel rundown. Prevent it and read this great book before it happens. Highly recommended.

  20. A must read for those experiencing stress, overwhelm and burnout giving practical advice and suggestions for nutrition and lifestyle changes to help us regain control of our lives. Highly recommended.

  21. Sorely needed for every employee in this day and age! Highly recommended!

  22. Informative with lots of practical and useful information.

  23. Excellent book everyone could benefit from reading!

  24. Great read, helping me to manage my day to day stresses, and to ‘quieten’ the inner voices of self-doubt ….

  25. Read, comment and vote!

  26. Brilliant book by brilliant author!

  27. A MUST read, so insightful and easy to understand and implement within your daily life. It has helped both myself and my husband so much with juggling our very hectic work/life balance as well as identifying mental and physical stresses and burnout. I just can’t recommend this book enough!

  28. Well done Rachel!

  29. A much needed book in this day and age filled with stress and burnout.

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