Understanding John Lennon


While other writers have only touched on the ‘cause’ of John Lennon’s genius, Francis Kenny reveals its roots in the post-war nature of Liverpool, … and the pain and hurt John felt during his childhood, revealing how his early life experiences shaped his brilliance as a songwriter and musician.

Bill Harry

Author's Biography

Francis Kenny attended the University of Liverpool, and obtained a BA Hons in Economics, Sociology and Politics. He has MAs in Social Policy from the University of Liverpool and in Urban Regeneration from Hope University, Liverpool. He has worked in education with students who have special educational needs and disabilities.


Understanding John Lennon is a carefully prepared examination of the events which forged the young man who became a 20th century icon.
Bill Harry, Mersey Beat

Understanding John Lennon tears away the layers of myth that have accumulated around Lennon by focusing on his early years in Liverpool…
Choice Magazine

“As Francis Kenny puts it, “Even with the long-awaited success of The Beatles, John still couldn’t shake off the dread of being unloved… “
Yours magazine

Most books regurgitate the same stories about John’s childhood, this presents original insight into the founder of a band at the forefront of a… cultural revolution.
The Daily Moss


  1. Insightful book. I love the Beatles especially John

  2. Celebrating a legend.

  3. Great book!

  4. Amazing book by Francis Kenny. Hope this book wins!

  5. Fascinating facts about Lennon… Amazing

  6. A very unique perspective on the making of the icon that is John Lennon. With a focus on his younger days in a way that also brings Liverpool to life. Highly recommended.

  7. I really enjoyed ‘Understanding John Lennon’ by Francis Kenny. This book is different from other books about him. Beautifully written.

  8. Most interesting!

  9. Will make a great gift for Christmas.

  10. Fascinating.

  11. Read, comment and vote!

  12. highly recommend!
    very interesting book riddled with fascinating facts about ‘the rockstar that dreamed of a world without borders’.

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