Billy Plonka – the most extraordinary maker of GROT in the entire world. He’s invited 5 children to visit his world-famous laboratory, and step into an adventure they will never forget! This re-telling of Dahl’s classic stays true to his wonderful wit and brings the tale into the modern day.

Authors Biography

IAN BILLINGS: Award-winning writer of books and radio plays. When he is not at home writing, he travels the world making children laugh with his stand-up comedy show. Once described by an audience member as “The most imaginative adult I’ve ever met” and by one of his teachers as “Hopeless.”


“Fans of Roald Dahl rejoice, sit back, and enjoy this grotty parody. It’s full of gibberish, horrible children, and filthy environments, but you’re going to like it!”

“This is a supremely silly book. Its funny and very slapstick. If thats what you are into you will not be disappointed!!”

“This is a brilliantly bizarre book!”

“It’s utterly filthy! In a good way. There’s grot and garbage everywhere. The descriptions are awful. It reeks of rotten cabbage and sick skunk. Small children will love it.”

“I absolutely loved this book! It was absolutely hilarious. I loved ‘Charlie And the Chocolate Factory’ growing up and this was an absolutely amazing retelling.”

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  1. fabulous book. Highly recommende.

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