Subtitle Wild forces that can change our world
By Benedict Macdonald
Published By

Bloomsbury Wildlife

ISBN 9781472971609
Non-Fiction Genre Nature writing (extinction, conservation)
Publication Date 07/07/2022
Price 17.99
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In Cornerstones, Benedict Macdonald explores whether restoring the species that once helped protect Britain could turn the climate crisis around. From beavers and boars to wolves and whales, this is a quest in biodiversity and a plea for humans to protect the natural world.

Authors Biography

Benedict Macdonald is a naturalist, conservationist, writer and producer. His first book, Rebirding, highlighted the need for mass-scale nature restoration across the UK. It was the winner of the Richard Jefferies Prize and inaugural winner of the Wainwright Prize for Writing on Global Conservation.


– Bold, riveting and visionary […] this is an exciting read! (Patrick Barkham)
– A primordially fortifying book. (New Statesman)
– A hopeful tale, and one well worth reading. (Lorraine Connolly, Country Life)
– Cornerstones paves a compelling pathway of hope, and it is as bright and brilliant as it is essential. (Sophie Pavelle)

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  1. Brilliant!

  2. A must read.

  3. Fascinating and hopeful, this is a wonderful read.

  4. Especially loved the chapter on whales, learnt so much about the importance of whale poo in the food chain, some remarkable facts I was totally unaware of.

  5. Highly recommended!

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