For the Love of Roman


Roman’s failure in finding love drives his longing to die. Unless he can find his soulmate. His quest for romance spirals out of control, taking him on a mystical train journey across Europe. Here at an enchanting railway station, Roman is the catalyst for the fusion of two dimensions.

Authors Biography

Philip Pavlović has worked in the motor trade throughout his career. His father escaped from communist Yugoslavia after WWII, married Philip’s English mother, and settled in Yorkshire as a miner and this book is a chance for Philip to tell his story. Philip lives in Rotherham.


“It’s a compelling story, one which had me absorbed right until the end.” – Angela Lambourne for ‘Britić’

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  1. A fascinating story.

  2. A compelling story, heartbreaking and uplifting in equal measure.
    A brilliant read right to the very end!

  3. A beautifully written and thought-provoking story exploring the intertwining lives of two men from very different times.

  4. Captivating, heart-warming, utterly put-down-able!

  5. Gripping from start to end!

  6. Such an eye opening and captivating read!

  7. Read this great book ,very impressed with story line ,one of the best books I have read.

  8. A story of two halves, with layers of detail becoming apparent only upon the second and third read. Transports you to a time and a place. Fascinating and an insight into real events.

  9. A stunning book – a blend of all the right ingredients that will have you crying one minute, laughing the next. Poetic and captivating. Without a doubt, the story this book holds within will touch your heart and stay with you even after you’ve finished reading.

  10. Great read from start to finish

  11. Top read from this author looking forward to the next!

  12. Brilliant read! Enjoyed the twists and bends in the story. Would be great if there was a sequel!

  13. A great read from beginning to end

  14. Absolutely amazing read! I devoured it in one night.

  15. A great read.

  16. A mind blowing story of bravery and wonder and such an emotional rollercoaster. This book has everything.
    There’s nothing like it.

  17. Will make a fabulous Xmas gift!

  18. A wonderful book I will remember forever.

  19. For the Love of Roman is a marvellous exercise that blends historical storytelling, drama, and surrealism which is guaranteed to catch most who read it off guard with its mesmerising power.

  20. This story genuinely made me laugh out loud,
    then it made me cry.
    What a wonderful emotional journey of two worlds in time, linked through a beautiful blue butterfly.
    An enchanting story of heartbreak and hope.
    For the love of Roman has everything you could ever want in a book.
    I loved every page.

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