Forget Me Not
Subtitle Finding the forgotten species of climate-change Britain
By Sophie Pavelle
Published By

Bloomsbury Wildlife

ISBN 9781472986214
Non-Fiction Genre Nature writing, eco-tourism/green travel narrative
Publication Date 09/08/2022
Price 16.99
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Like many of her generation, Sophie Pavelle is determined to demand action on climate change. In her hilarious and thought-provoking first book, she describes the low-carbon trips she took to see ten rare native species: species that could disappear by 2050 if their habitats continue to decline.

Authors Biography

Sophie Pavelle is a conservationist and writer known for putting a contemporary twist on the natural history genre. Alongside her writing, Sophie is a communications coordinator for the Beaver Trust, an Ambassador for The Wildlife Trusts and sits on the RSPB England Advisory Committee.


– This enchanting book could not be more timely: it brings much to inspire our future thinking, and is a joy to read. (Joanna Lumley)
– Vibrant and vital. The trials of ten treasured species that we can’t afford to fail. A biological romp with a real mission. (Chris Packham)
– Passionate and thought-provoking (Mark Whitley, Countryman)
– Funny, full of interest and often poignant, travelling with Sophie Pavelle is a journey to remember. (Isabella Tree)
– While there’s wit and warmth flowing through each chapter, the message never stops being urgent. (Country Walking)
– A fierce, passionate stand for the wild. (Megan McCubbin)
– Sophie has a warm tone of voice in this enjoyable and accessible read. (BBC Wildlife)
– The prose is as lyrical as it is sassy, as insightful as it is impassioned. (Amy-Jane Beer, The Guardian)
– If the canon of British nature writing has a reputation for being male and overly earnest, then Sophie Pavelle’s Forget Me Not is a one-book rebalancing act. (India Bourke, New Statesman)

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  1. Remember it when you are doing your gift list for Christmas. Really great!

  2. Highly recommended!

  3. Thought-provoking, informative and beautifully written, Forget Me Not is a joy to read.

  4. Sophie is an inspirational new talent – she challenges the reader to join her as she cycles, kayaks, hikes … seeking shy, vulnerable creatures whilst delighting in the wacky, wonderful world we share with them. I chortled and gasped at her irreverent humour – such fun!

  5. Such a delight to read and go on this journey with Sophie. So well researched and communicating science such that even I understand. This book is definitely a People’s Book and worthy of the prize. Can’t wait to read her next book whenever published.

  6. This book made me laugh out loud and is very thought provoking. I really enjoyed Sophie’s writing style. Well worth reading

  7. Finally, a thought provoking nature book that is accessible to normal young people.

  8. This book perfectly balances being amazingly entertaining and humorous with the seriousness of the climate crisis and the monumental on-going wildlife extinction in the UK. It is not often that I start and finish a book within the same week, but this book was one of those I could not put down. Looking forward to more publications from Sophie in the future.

  9. If you are even slightly interested in the natural world around us, this book is a must, simply brilliantly written.

  10. Sophie has a fresh, funny and engaging writing style. Couple that with her passion for, and knowledge of, our native wildlife and the climate challenges that it faces, and you have a recipe for a best seller. Thoroughly recommend this book.

  11. As well as a book about the conservation of the 10 species highlighted, it is also a story of Sophie’s journey, intellectually, emotionally and physically, to investigate their plight in as low carbon a way as possible.

    Written in Sophie’s inimitable style, the narrative draws you in, settles you down and then lands a few much needed left hooks just when you least expect it.
    ‘conformation of the raging storm humans cause when they’re at the helm’
    But Sophie’s ability to lead you through the sometimes very depressing reality facing these creatures and leave you with a glimmer of hope is what makes this book so special.

    To call a book a ‘must read’ is a bit of a cliche these days but this is one book that really deserves the accolade on more than one level. You must read it, not just because it’s one of the most entertaining and enjoyable books I’ve read in a long, long time, but also because the message it contains is so incredibly important.

  12. Really interesting and nature topical

  13. A great idea, well executed.

  14. informative, thought provoking and funny. Sophie writes with infectious enthusiasm and passion in this important and very enjoyable book.

  15. This book is so informative but written in a such a style that I can recommend to friends that aren’t besotted with nature. So funny, poignant, down to earth and I learnt so much too. The only reason I knew about marsh fratilleries last night on Autumn Watch was because of this book! A brilliant angle on climate change.

  16. Go Sophie!

  17. The moment you pick up this book, Sophie draws out of you a smile and an enthusiasm to find out more about our endangered species. Her style is to inform, along with some hilarity, the work and dedication of people around these islands, encouraging you to see that despite the challenges, species on the brink can come back with careful determination. Well done Sophie!

  18. Great book!

  19. This is a great book to read and also to listen to. Sophie’s style is honest and draws you in with cheeky humour and an understanding of how to share knowledge with everyone.

  20. A great read. Warm, funny and thought provoking. My only criticism is it needed to be stronger when it comes to raptor persecution on grouse moors.

  21. I love this book so much. A fresh approach to communicating the effect of climate change. Its part nature, part travel written with wit, humility and heaps of joy.

  22. It’s funny, informative, paints a picture as you follow Sophie through her travels poiniantly highlighting the preventable perils our home nature has been put in!

  23. Listened to the audio version while driving to work for a few weeks. Also purchased a printed copy, but I enjoyed listening to Sophie telling me her story. A great mix of tales from her life, and how it fits in with her love of the environment. It’s certainly a strong message that everyone needs understand. Thanks Sophie, well done.

  24. Wonderful, informative & funny. Very inclusive & perfectly written for us all to understand.

  25. Fun with the science fabulously communicated. Well done Sophie!

  26. An excellent read, everyone should read this as it is thought provoking and educational my grandson was impressed he’s doingLand management at Bicton. This book is not preachy: please buy this book from and Independent book shop

  27. Sophie is the new Chris Packham. we need more people like her to shine a light on important environmental issues affecting our precious wildlife.

  28. Informative, thought provoking book written in an accessible, engaging way. Great content. Great writing style.

  29. Funny, quirky, scientific, rooted in realism, relevant, captivating, interesting…are all words I’d use to describe Sophie’s book. Accessible to many people as Sophie doesn’t present herself as a die hard naturalist. It’s definitely a book I’ve recommended to friends and I will be reading more than once!

  30. Funny, engaging, informative & original. I loved this book, and I’m really picky!

  31. Great book, well done Sophie

  32. Lovely book with fabulous illustrations

  33. This is such a brilliant read, I loved it!

    Thank you, Sophie – you have made the plight of these rare species very real through accessible and engaging writing – your inspiring words call us all to action at this most desperate of times.

  34. Loved this book and had the privilege to interview Sophie (and appear on stage with her). A rising star!

  35. A wise & wonderful book.

  36. fun filled and inspirational.

  37. Soul stirring and thought provoking, you’ll be inspired to take to the hills, woods, and seas to find the wildlife spotlighted, but on the retreat in Forget me Not. Warning of what may come, but not without hope, it is green thinking from a leader of the new generation.

  38. I have listened to the audio book twice now, it is so interesting, educational and Sophie’s writing Style and narration is so entertaining and fun. Hands down one of the best books I’ve listened to in a long time. I purchased a hard copy so my fiancée as I know she will enjoy it as much as I have.

  39. I have listened to the audio book twice now, it is so interesting, educational and Sophie’s writing Style and narration is so entertaining and fun. Hands down one of the best books I’ve listened to in a long time. I purchased a hard copy so my fiancée as I know she will enjoy it as much as I have.

  40. From start to finish Sophie’s book is a joy to read! Informative, comical whilst delivering real hope for the wildlife she’s researched; young and old readers will benefit from it. Great debut book, delivers what we need in these climate challenging times.

  41. Incredible book! Sophie is so wise and funny and the book is full of interesting facts and densely woven insights.

  42. We need more accessible literature like this to keep future generations engaged in conservation. It’s excellent. Keep them coming Sophie please.

  43. Inspiring, funny and a breath of fresh air in nature writing. Captivating from the first page to the last and a joy to read. We need more books like this, filled with love and hope for our precious world and the creatures we share it with.

  44. I learned so much from this book and I love Sophie’s passion and enthusiasm.

  45. Amazing book. I’ve recommended it to so many people of all ages. It’s amazing. I think Sir David also used it for his recent BBC show, well probably anyway! This book should be on anyone’s bookshelf and have rough worn edges from all of the eyes cast over it. An amazing read with such great detail, honesty and humour.

  46. A very clear picture created with ten vignettes. An excellent read. This book should be compulsory reading for anyone involved in policy creating for the environment. Politicians, please pay attention!

  47. A lovely wee book full of humour and heartfelt empathy for the natural world.

  48. Absolutely brilliant book, authentic, fun and informative and engaging for anyone and everyone. A huge hit for nature!

  49. I thought it was a brilliant read. Approaches a serious subject with a lightness and humour that other books miss which makes it fun and enjoyable and easy to read which (hopefully) means it gets a greater audience. Totally recommended.

  50. Excellent book. Humorous and easy to read, but underpinned by good scientific narrative. With insight like this Sophie’s generation will save our natural world where the present crop of politicians and pen pushers have failed so abysmally!

  51. This delightful book fizzes with readability. Fun & quirky insights into lesser-known creatures combines with tales of Sophie’s travels to create a light-hearted, yet important overview of today’s vital issues of conservation.

  52. This refreshingly hopeful nature book shares insights to lesser known endangered species on our islands and encourages you to engage with nature in an approachable way.

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