No More Knives or County Lines
By Christina Gabbitas
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 9781916254299
Children's Genre Children 10+ 80 illustrations
Publication Date 02/03/2020
Price 3.50
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Story about a group of friends who are groomed and lured into county lines, delivering drugs packages to various areas using dedicated phone lines using trains and taxis for transport; Jamie one of the characters regrets picking up a knife for protection.
The story is educating children about the signs of being groomed, county lines, and the consequences of carrying knives. An original commission with the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner Humberside.

Authors Biography

Christina Gabbitas is a children’s author and founder of Children’s Literature Festivals charity, who spends a lot of her time within schools inspiring children to read and write through her books. Winner of a Sue Ryder Education award in 2016, TPBP Dame Beryl Bainbridge Award in 2017 and TPBP Best Achievement Award in 2019 for ‘Share Some Secrets’ a story that encourages children to speak out, and is also helping NSPCC Childline to raise funds with book sales. Christina is an Honorary Member of the NSPCC Council and has been working in partnership with North Yorkshire Police, Humberside Police and Lancashire Police delivering sessions with schools.


The No More Knives story by Christina Gabbitas accurately portrays the dangers of exploitation facing young people today. The Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit fully endorse this excellent resource for young people to recognise risks and potential consequences as well as signposting to organisations who will help them.
PC Russ Massie
Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit –

I deliver safeguarding training to adults, including taxi drivers and think it will be good to use within these. It’s hard hitting but really shows how easily these young people become involved. Really well done
Joanne Hills –

NMK’s hits home to people of all ages, for all the right reasons. Thought provoking, educational and sensitively arranged, this book should be made available to schools, colleges and beyond. A thoroughly recommended read, with great, relevant characters, brought to life through excellent illustration.
PC Steve Crowshaw
Warwickshire Police Officer

It is vitally important for us to invest in the future of our young people, who may be at risk of being diverted into crime or at danger of being exploited. We are proud to work with Christina Gabbitas to engage with young people. The ‘No More Knives’ story is a brilliant way of educating children and young people on the dangers of being exploited.
Keith Hunter
Police & Crime Commissioner Humberside 2020

I’m from Northumbria’s VRU education team and I’ll be speaking to the team about this resource to support our delivery to young people!
Leonie – Violence Reduction Unit Northumbria –

A great story to show the dangers of CL gangs to young people and the vulnerable
DI Mark Catney –

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  1. Highly recommended. Updated new version.

  2. A great example of how to communicate with children about the dangers of county lines gangs I wish all children could have access to this story

  3. Young people and children are exploited into committing crime and only realise when it’s too late. This book is a critical resource for parents and all people working with young people. The story is written in a language which they understand and can relate to. Use it to start that awkward conversation.

  4. My son was involved with a gang but luckily we managed to intervene before the situation got out of hand. Anything that can be done to help educate our children and carers is a step forward. Hope this story gets the recognition that it deserves.

  5. A great story to show the dangers of CL gangs to young people and the vulnerable

  6. Christina’s work has been so unique. I think most people think about County Lines as an issue that older children can be vulnerable to – but let’s not let it get to that stage. Christina’s target audience of primary school children means they are educated at a stage when they can understand the issues sufficiently and can prevent themselves being susceptible to exploitation in the future.
    The interactive nature of the sessions have made it enjoyable learning for kids and teachers alike. The photographs of the sessions with the North Yorkshire children speak for themselves and have been a
    real success. Thank-you Christina.

  7. Christina delivered an engaging workshop today alongside local police officers to communicate some important messages about knife crime, county lines and grooming. She handled each of the issues sensitively, yet truthfully and encouraged some fabulous discussion with the pupils. They loved the extra treat of being able to take home a signed copy of her book. Thank you so much Christina for a wonderful visit!
    Many thanks again,
    Laura Thompson
    Deputy Headteacher

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