Roo & Sarge To The Rescue
Roo and Sarge
By Christina Gabbitas
Published By

Poems and Pictures Ltd

ISBN 9781739835576
Children's Genre 6+ 28 illustrations
Publication Date 09/09/2022
Price 6.99
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Roo the Cockapoo and Sarge the German Shepherd live at Springfield Dogs Home. The inseperable friends dream that one day someone will adopt them and welcome them into their home. Will their dream come true? A story about long lasting friendships and overcoming challenges.

Authors Biography

Christina Gabbitas is a children’s author and founder of Children’s Literature Festivals charity, who spends a lot of her time within schools inspiring children to read and write through her books. Winner of a Sue Ryder Education award in 2016, TPBP Dame Beryl Bainbridge Award in 2017 and TPBP Best Achievement Award in 2019 for ‘Share Some Secrets’ a story that encourages children to speak out, and is also helping the charity to raise funds with book sales.
Christina is an Honorary Member of the NSPCC Council and is currently working in schools with various Police Forces with her story No More Knives or County Lines.

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  1. So much fun.

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