Story and Structure
Subtitle A complete guide
By Leon Conrad
Published By

The Squeeze Press

ISBN 9781906069254
Publication Date 01/11/2022
Price 29.95
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Using six primary symbols, Conrad outlines eighteen universal story structures that optimally solve the problems which give rise to them. The book presents new insights into story as a dynamic force of life, allowing you to access more harmony and flow in your life. Rethink your idea of story.

Authors Biography

Leon Conrad is author of History Riddles, Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System (with David Pinto), and Aesop the Storyteller. He is a storyteller and story structure consultant, based in London, UK.


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  1. Sounds very interesting.

  2. It’s an incredibly dynamic and engaging read, showing the magic of story that appears in our daily lives.

  3. Mr. Conrad has a keen eye and a penetrating mind.

  4. A fascinating analysis of the structure of story

  5. very interesting

  6. For writers and storytellers who stop to ask themselves, ‘What is happening as I do this?’ Indispensable for a deeper understanding of the craft.

  7. Leon Conrad has created a masterful work, beautifully complemented by Jason Chuang’s illustrations. This work offers a wonderful lens to see through the surface of story, to the deeper patterns found within. Anyone working with stories, the stories of others, or wanting more insight into the stories one tells oneself will find this book a worthwhile read!

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