Subtitle The surprising truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life's sh*ttier moments
By Grace Marshall
Published By

Practical Inspiration Publishing

ISBN 9781788601979
Price 9.99
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What if we’ve got it all wrong about getting it wrong? What if struggle is precisely where the magic happens – where we do our best, most important work? This thought-provoking exploration will shine a surprising new light on the truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s shittier moments.

Authors Biography

Grace Marshall is known for her “refreshingly human” approach to productivity. Her work as a Productivity Ninja has seen her help thousands of people – from startup founders to corporate managers, artists to engineers, students and CEOs – to replace stress, overwhelm and frustration with success, sanity and satisfaction.


“Grace’s vulnerability shines through which makes this really accessible and real!” – Amazon

“Written with wisdom and humour Grace Marshall provides perspective on the value of life’s toughest lessons.” – Amazon

“This is a powerful book written in a brilliantly accessible way. ” – Amazon

“Great bite sized book to dip in and out of when in need of some help with struggle.” – Amazon

“Grace has written some incredibly wise words here.” – Amazon

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  1. Very useful.

  2. Brilliant book, funny and insightful and an easy read

  3. I loved how the author turns the perception of struggling into a positive. Great reframe. Great read.

  4. Sooo much to think about, and more importantly, to RETHINK about!! Absolutely loved this read!

  5. A great book and the author is very responsive to feedback and questions.

  6. The book introduced some alternative perspectives that have been very helpful in difficult moments.

  7. Grace is an excellent writer and this is a wise and insightful book. Highly recommended and well worth your time.

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