The Garfield Conspiracy
By Owen Dwyer
Published By

Liberties Press

ISBN 978-1-912589-23-4
Publication Date 09/15/2021
Price 12.53
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Richard Todd, an award-winning writer, is outwardly successful but inwardly plagued by uncertainties. Worst of all, he can’t seem to write anymore. When a bright young editor, Jenny Lambe, arrives on his doorstep to work with him on his latest book, about the assassination of US president James Garfield, his life is sent spinning off in a new direction.

Authors Biography

Owen Dwyer’s latest novel is The Garfield Conspiracy. Owen has won the Hennessy Emerging Fiction Prize, the Silver Quill (twice) and the Biscuit Fiction Prize, and has had stories published in Whispers and Shouts magazine. He is also the author of The Agitator and The Cherrypicker. Owen has a degree in European Humanities. He lives in Dublin with his wife and their three children.

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  1. Brilliant!

  2. Really enjoyed the book

  3. Incredible writer, unique voice. Amazing.

  4. Highly recommended. Great book.

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