What's Sex Got To Do With It?
Subtitle Darwin, Love, Lust, and the Anthropocene
By Dr Heather Remoff
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ISBN 9780856835483
Publication Date 04/28/2022
Price 25.00
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Heather Remoff deepens our understanding of human evolution by including genetic discoveries that were unavailable in 1871 when Darwin wrote The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. She offers an updated version of the theory by viewing the courtship dance through a female lens.

Authors Biography

Heather Remoff has a B.A. in sociology from The Pennsylvania State University, an M.A. in sociology from The University of Missouri at Kansas City and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation provided support for Heather’s doctoral research.


“Remoff’s tour de force was inspired by the realisation that the Darwinian theory of evolution needed scrutiny from the female’s perspective.”
Review by Fred Harrison
(Author of Boom Bust, The Traumatised Society, The Power In The Land, and many other economic titles)

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  1. Highly recommended. Though provoking.

  2. Thought-provoking and original. This book hits so many notes and makes me want to learn more about so much.

  3. Thoroughly engaging information from a unique and challenging perspective.

  4. Makes you wonder what Darwin would think of Dr Remoff’s take on evolution from the female perspective. One thing for sure, he’ll have to change his mind on females being less intelligent! Very provocative.

  5. This book is impressive for its innovative perspective and lively, engaging style. It invites a wide range of readers to think critically and to question received doctrine.

  6. An interesting book with with a surprising title.

  7. Heather Remoff’s reanalysis of Darwin’s theories causes one to think quite differently about the evolution of human civilization and the basis for some of our behavior toward one another. By introducing the reader to fundamental elements of the systems of political economy we have created and embraced, we gain valuable insights into the causes of some of our most serious socio-political problems.

  8. Great Book. Thank you Heather for writing it.

  9. “Going big” is what all scientists should get in the habit of doing. As Muir said, tug on any one thing and find it connected to everything else in the universe. Remoff was able to connect theories on evolution to the unfolding of economic injustice. An eye-opener.

  10. Darwin’s theory of natural selection arose from his reading of an economist (Thomas Malthus). Remoff has returned the favor by showing how a new understanding of Darwin contributes to a revolutionary view of economic justice that overturns the Malthusian notion of scarcity. This book reframes fundamental principles of at least three disciplines without becoming bogged down in academic prose.

  11. Important and insightful.

  12. The book reads like an intellectual thriller! Even if you don’t agree with the premise and/or conclusion, you’ll likely learn a lot (or recall things that you forgot) from reading the book.

    Also, the author is a delightful person, and that becomes apparent as you read the book. You’ll enjoy the time that you spend with her as you read her words.

  13. Heather Remoff has written a wonderful book that increases the readers understanding as to what we thought we knew about Darwin’s theory of natural selection. She challenges settled science. Its an easy read but thought provoking. I read it twice.

  14. As an aerospace engineer I had thought evolution was settled science. But no, Heather provides a wonderful extension and then goes on to show a plausible way to save the world. Heather considers every sentence and provides colorful examples. Her style reminds me of Lewis Thomas.

  15. Wonderful, thought provoking, creative and grounded at the same time!

  16. Not having read this book and being one who supports the ethics of our social relations and just business activities, all I can say is that the title seems unsuited for a book about economics and Darwinian theory.

  17. Thought provoking!

  18. An excellent book dealing with fundamental issues

  19. The arguments in this book are so thought provoking and intelligent.

  20. Provides powerful new arguments to challenge the Darwinian theories.

  21. Loved this book!!! ❤️❤️

  22. Your book is amazing, so honored to know you!

  23. This book is such a good read and so informational!

  24. Ms. Remoff is an insightful thinker and writer whose originality and courage shine through every page of this eye-opening work.

  25. A refreshing new look at a theory that needs to be brought up to date.

  26. How could I resist a book that melds science and sex? Very interesting reading

  27. Heather makes very difficult topics understandable to the layperson. It’s great to have some of the old theories scrutinized and brought up to date; that’s what science is all about!

  28. Darwin’s theory needs a radical revision; which begins with Remoff’s book.

  29. Worth book to read, especially about Darwin’s theory!

  30. Truly eye-opening book!

  31. Heather Remoff’s book is insightful and informative in providing a better understanding of Darwin’s theory of natural selection!

  32. Excellent.

  33. Great book!

  34. excellent and thought provoking book!

  35. Interesting to read!

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