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Why Women Grow
Subtitle Stories of Soil, Sisterhood and Survival
By Alice Vincent
Published By

Canongate Books

Publication Date 02/03/2023
Price 16.99


Why Women Grow is a much-needed exploration of why women turn to the earth, as gardeners, growers and custodians. This book emerged from a deeply rooted desire to share the stories of women who are silenced and overlooked. In doing so, Alice fosters connections with gardeners that unfurl into a tender exploration of women’s lives, their gardens and what the ground has offered them, with conversations spanning creation and loss, celebration and grief, power, protest, identity and renaissance

Authors Biography

Alice Vincent is a journalist and the author of three books, including Rootbound: Rewilding a Life, which was longlisted for the Wainwright Prize and named as one of the books of 2020 by the Financial Times and the Independent. A self-taught gardener, Alice is a columnist for Gardens Illustrated and writes for titles including Vogue and the New Statesman. She has been documenting her gardening online since 2015 and has since launched a newsletter and podcast.

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  1. Gardeners will rejoice!

  2. Beautiful book

  3. A beautifully written book that was given to me when I needed one of those uplifting and life- affirming gifts. The sort that help restore faith and optimism and that link us through our shared experiences and passions.

  4. Just ordered the book

  5. I do not garden but this book inspires me to be one of these talented women.

  6. such a wholesome book! I loved it!

  7. Alice’s writing is beautiful and this book has reinlightened my love of gardening and makes me understand why I do and need to garden.

  8. Sublime

  9. Beautiful book. Has made me think about what I do and more behind it, and helped me realise how therapeutic it really is.

  10. Enjoyed very much-podcast even more.

  11. This beautiful book is as much of a refuge as gardens are for the women in it. Looking at it makes me happy and reading it makes me feel like I’m among friends. Having the podcast with the book has been such a treat!

  12. A wonderful and thought provoking book.

  13. Absolutely beautiful. Comforting in that it teaches us an understanding of others within the sisterhood and acknowledges an understanding of our own very individual l, yet often shared, reasons we why find ourselves in that sisterhood – enlightening and encouraging and a safe place to be…

  14. The book made my spirit feel at home with so many other women – a delicate joy to read.

  15. A beautiful book about the power of gardening and claiming outdoor space, as a woman, to nurture, empower and restore. I will be returning to this book many times and placing it into the soil covered hands of many special women in my life. Thank you for this important recognition of women who garden.

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