Ali and His Magic PJs: Ali in the Air
By Isla Mann
Published By

Rowanvale Books

ISBN 9781911240723
Children's Genre 7yrs-10yrs. 29 illustrations
Publication Date 07/05/0019
Price 6.99
Binding Paperback
Paperback Hyperlink


Ali is a young boy with a wild imagination. He loves having adventures, and he dreams of one day being an airline captain.

One night, when Ali puts on his plain old PJs, something really amazing happens… He finds himself in the cockpit of a huge passenger jet!

Surely this is just a dream… or is it?

Author's Bio

Isla Mann hails from Scotland but now splits her time between working in the Middle East and spending as long as possible at home in the UK. She is married with one son, who inspired her to start writing children’s stories.

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  1. Nicely written simple and ease to read

  2. Very nicely writing and seems to be a very imaginative writer

  3. I like this book, so do my kids, nice story & drawings!

  4. Well written, imaginative and fun . Look forward to reading more of her book

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