At Reception
By Galahad Porter
Published By

Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN 9781788032711
Fiction Genre Contemporary fiction
Publication Date 08/08/2017
Price 7.99
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Sally finds herself in a lonely world of her own making. Suffering psychological stress, she chooses to live alone. Lost in her own world, the arrival of a guest at the hotel where Sally works begins the challenging process of her opening up to the idea of a human relationship.

Authors Biography

GALAHAD PORTER was born in the UK, but has subsequently lived and travelled in many different parts of the world. He previously published non-fiction pharmaceutical investment books under the name Andrew D. Porter.


I was swept away by the originality of At Reception – I Read Novels

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  1. Terrific first book. Original style and good storyline keeps reader interested from first page.

  2. A must read for anyone who deals with customer service!

  3. I loved the book & read it twice as I enjoyed very much ,

  4. An original perspective and insight into daily life. A good holiday read especially if staying at an hotel!!

  5. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Looking forward to future works.

  6. Do you love hotels — staying in one for the Summer… Great read.

  7. A great read. Not the type of book I would normally read, but once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. Very original. A good insight into the life of a receptionist! A must read for anyone who works in Customer Service! And what a nice chap Galahad Porter is! I had a chance conversation with Galahad on a train to York and he gave me lots of advice on publishing my own novel. Thank you Galahad and I hope your novel takes off!

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