The Barefoot Book of Children
By Tessa Strickland and Kate DePalma
Published By

Barefoot Books

ISBN 9781782852964
Children's Genre Children's ages 3 to 8 full colour illustrations throughout
Publication Date 01/03/2017
Price 12.99
Binding Hard Cover


Fabulous picture book inviting children to ask themselves , How do other people live? How are we different and how are we the same? Playful, powerful and through provoking this book is a celebration of cultural diversity.

Author's Bio

Tessa Strickland is co-fopunder of Barefoot books and author of numerous books from picture books to board books. Kate DePalma worked together with Tessa on this book.


Definitely add this to the mix to create interested world citizens (Kirkus)
The more I look through The Barefoot Book of Children, the more I love it and discover. A vivid embodiment of global citizenship, the book can serve as a great read-aloud at home or at school, as a stimulating prompt for creative projects and conversation, or as a gentle companion to explore the myriad ways we can live and thrive on our little planet. (Homa Sabet Tavangar, Global Education Adviser/Author)
The Barefoot Book of Children lays the foundation that young children need to respect and protect the rights of other children like them in their own backyard and around the world. (Caryl Stern, President and CEO U.S. Fund for UNICEF)

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  1. A gem of a book.

  2. Exercise to the mind whilst having fun.

  3. Inspirational.

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