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In-laws and Outlaws
By Kate Fulford
Published By

Thistle Publishing

ISBN 9781786080486
Fiction Genre Romance
Publication Date 04/19/2018
Price 10.00
Paperback Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Laws-Outlaws-Kate-Fulford/dp/1786080486
Ebook Hyperlink https://www.amazon.co.uk/Laws-Outlaws-Kate-Fulford-ebook/dp/B07B3WGK2Q


Eve has an idiosyncratic relationship with the truth, and has a rather colourful past. Having recently met Gideon everything seems, at last, to be working out rather well for her. Then he introduces her to his mother. Marjorie knows what’s best for her son, and it’s definitely not Eve.

Authors Biography

Kate has had a varied career that has encompassed working in sales and marketing in the software industry, for brand and marketing agencies, several years as a freelance copywriter, and some time as a foster carer.


“So many secrets, so many characters involved, and Eve was playing them like marionettes! Great read.”
Scarlett Readz and Runz (Reviewer)

“There is so much going on in this book to keep the reader engaged. The characters are great. It is funny, fun, and just made me smile. I really enjoyed this book.”
Karen Whittard (Reviewer)

“This book was a nice surprise.”
Claire Sherman (Librarian)

“A hysterical read… Eve’s narrative digressions are pure enjoyment… will keep you in stitches. In-laws and Outlaws is the perfect diversion.”
Underrated Reads

“This was a fun read… there were many twists and turns.”
Winding Words

“Do yourself a favor and read this funny book.”

“A clever and well written book that I would highly recommend.”
Rachel Kennedy (Reviewer)

“Well written book as it had my attention to the very shocking end.”
Cherie Homan (Reviewer)

“I really enjoyed Eve’s character and the story was a little different to the usual. Would highly recommend.”
Kerry Barlow (Reviewer)

“A perfect summer read.”
Julie Parks (Reviewer)

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  1. An intriguing plot. A read full of surprises and discoveries. Kept me in suspense!

  2. Great book

  3. A real page turner, accelerating right to the surprising end. Enjoy!

  4. Very amusing and entertaining book with a veguely sinister undertone which enriches the mix.

  5. I loved the main character. The funny, quirky story was wonderfully written. It was a true pleasure to read this book.

  6. Really enjoyed this – the resourcefulness (and gradually revealed secrets) of the heroine during this twisting and turning tale made for a very good read.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Very funny and I look forward to reading more of this author.

  8. Read this one in one sitting! Loved the plot, the characters, the writing style was sharp yet easy to read…glad I could cast my vote for ILOL!

  9. A super read. I loved this book as the author draws characters that crackle with life & has crafted a plot that drives relentlessly to a really satisfying conclusion. Think funny, think family dynamics, think whodunnit, all wonderfully mixed together.

  10. The writing was superb & interesting. A new voice writing on family dynamics. Recommended.

  11. Great book- hope it wins!

  12. Great read. The narration was superb – Eve is a great voice, dropping anecdotes with neat quips & quite a bit of sarcasm

  13. A great read – had those “aha’ and “oh no she didn’t” moments. It had me racing to get back to it to continue reading. The writing was superb and interesting Recommended.

  14. A very entertaining book, as a future DIL & MIL struggle over the son, without his knowledge!

  15. Opening this book and being immediately thrust into another, living world is fabulous!

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