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Orse the Moon and a Piece of Smelly Cheese
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By Richard Allen
Published By


ISBN 9781903774021
Children's Genre 5-7
Publication Date 07/07/2016
Price 6.99
Binding Paperback


Discover the loveable polar bear who cannot help getting into trouble. Lyrical text introduces the children to the world of Orse and his friends

Author's Bio

Orse was originally crated as an animation but quickly evolved into a loveable storybook character. Richard names Orse after his favourite pet dog called ‘Horse’.


Really wondrous books. Everyone loves bears and everyone will love these delightful stories about Orse, illustrated with such lyricism, wit and skill. A pleasure to see such well-drawn and observed artwork Korky Paul illustrator.

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  1. Children aged 5-7 will fall in love with Orse. Both books featured in this Summer collection: Orse the Moon and a Piece of Smelly Cheese and Orse to the Rescue are fun and highly recommended.

  2. Szata graficzna ok, podoba mi sie:) zapraszam do siebie…

  3. Nie jest wazne, co przydarza ci sie w zyciu… Wazne jest, jakie przypisujesz temu znaczenie. – Robert Kiyosaki

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